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YOU SOLD!  Well, we’re not surprised… we know how fabulous your artwork is. Now that it’s found a new home, let’s get it there easily and safely. 

We trust you to package your piece to keep it protected. Most shipping damages can be avoided with pre-planning and attention to packing details.

A sound and securely packaged shipment should be your #1 goal when shipping your art to a buyer.

In the unfortunate event that your artwork is delivered damaged, if the cause is through any deviation from secure packaging guidelines we offer, it will result in a 100% refund to the buyer and the seller (you) will pay for the return shipping. We DO NOT want that to happen to you (or your buyer) so it’s really, really important that you take the time to package your art according to best practices.

Below, find detailed information to ensure your art travels safely to its destination.

**Shipping details form

We need every artist to send us packing and shipping information as EC is ultimately responsible for safe and timely deliveries…

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Shipping preparations and guidelines

We’re here to help you pack and ship your artwork securely to your buyer… 

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Shipping calculators

Use these references BEFORE you list artwork on EC… 

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Insuring artwork

As the artist, you must insure your artwork when shipping to buyers and you MUST know that fee before you sell a piece… 

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Once your artwork sale is complete, follow these important steps

There are a few ways you can sell art through Embrace Creatives. First is passively, when a collector or buyer purchases silently… 

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Your packing toolkit

We’ve compiled a list of items it would be good to have on hand before you sell your artwork.…

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Packing tips

A few things to remember before you begin the shipping process…

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