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This is the first step to catapulting your art business to a new level of success. Learn how to apply, sell and set up your new artist account. For a limited time, TEAM EC is setting up all new artist Stores.

Begin your exciting journey below.

How do I sell my art on Embrace Creatives?

Embrace Creatives is an art + design showroom that also helps you run your business. Private collectors and interior professionals use us to source creative products…

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What criteria does EC use to review artists?

You are valuable and we appreciate your interest our special, art + design showroom. Our team of jurors carefully reviews each account application, taking certain factors into consideration…

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Does it cost anything to be included in the Embrace Creatives showroom?

There are no upfront fees on Embrace Creatives but we do charge a flat commission rate when an item is sold….

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I’ve applied. Now what?

Thanks for applying to our art + design showroom! Our curatorial team reviews each application carefully in the order it is received…

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What do I do once I’m accepted?

EXCELLENT!  You’re in!  We’re thrilled that you’ve been accepted into our art + design showroom. Here’s what you do next…

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Start Here

Let’s start with the basics. You’re trying to sell a tangible, emotional creation online…

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How to navigate your EC account

There are two areas for artists; the Store Dashboard in the “back end” and the Account Dashboard in the “front end”. They do very different things so let’s go over the basics…

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Can I still sell my artwork through my website?

Yes, yes you can but there are a few things to know first…

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Uploading my Store information

It’s important to enter the basic information buyers use to learn more about you. We ask for items that you should already have onhand…

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How do I list artwork in my Store?

Okay, now it’s time to get your awesome creations in front of our buyers. Uploading artwork is not difficult but it’s more than just uploading photos and adding a title …

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Quick steps to edit or delete artwork

First, make sure you’re logged into your seller account. In the top menu you’ll find My Account. Follow the drop down to Shop Dashboard and click.  You’ll be taken to…

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Technical Issues

If you’re having problems uploading images or files please try the following troubleshooting techniques:

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