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Designers, architects and their guests having fun at an Industry Night collaboration between Embrace Creatives and Castell Furniture, August 2023.


mojo dojo casa house
January 15 – March 30, 2024

This is not a Barbie exhibition (I just like the phrase).

Embrace Creatives is seeking artwork, furniture, objects, lighting, and home goods for our first exhibition of 2024!  Because it’s the start of a new year and we’ll be coming out of a cold Midwest Winter, I would like pieces that spark joy and bring warmth:

  • “happy”
  • “uplifting”
  • “colorful”
  • “home”

I’ll accept a range of artworks – any materials. Floor, wall or ceiling installation.

During this exhibition, EC will host some or all of the following: a private/public opening (artist invited), 1-2 build industry events, an artist talk, and private collector/trade appointments.

🔥🔥 Before you apply, check the packing/shipping/insurance rates to 48030 to make sure it’s within your financial range.

For non-EC artists, please note that I follow strict standards when deciding whether or not to accept artwork into my online gallery and/or physical gallery. Why? Because I only sell high quality art + objects and my discerning clients are picky. If you’d like to see the type of work that’s selling, visit my online gallery.

To apply to, click here.

A look inside

This video is footage from my first exhibition, Select Pieces that launched on July 1.  As you can see, EC Detroit has enough room for large artworks, pieces that hang from a ceiling, as well as furniture and oversized sculptures.

My goal is to really USE this space and create innovative dialogs between art + objects + furniture to clearly communicate how these pieces will work together in residential and commercial spaces.

Application deadline: Wednesday, November 30th, 2023 @ midnight.

Each approved applicant will receive exhibition documents including an Agreement, Apportionment of Expenses, and an Inventory Sheet to review and sign. 

~Andrea Bogart
Founder + Lead Art Advisor, Industry IIDA
Embrace Creatives

Fill out the form accurately in order for your artwork to be reviewed.

Call For Entry

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