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Embrace Creatives feels that our artist sellers are partners. We work together to market and promote your artwork.  The Artists that upload product and twiddle their thumbs waiting for sales to come pouring in aren’t going to be as successful as those who do the work and control their marketing. 

EC Artists who proactively promote themselves and their Shop are the type of business people we applaud and award.

Promoting my EC Store

We know how tough it can be to be seen with so many artists online and although we work to promote our Showroom and our artists…

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Is my contact information public?

We protect your privacy by keeping your contact information private.

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How to use keywords so more people see my artwork

Tags, or keywords along with descriptive title and description text will boost your artwork inside Embrace Creatives and…

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How to create an intro video.

Let’s face it, fine art is all about the image. Of course you should have clear and understandable product images, including styled…

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Best seller practices

Five excellent tips to help you build healthy and strong relationships with your buyers…

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Can buyers contact me through EC?

Embrace Creatives is the go-between, managing commissions and sales…

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What if a buyer contacts me directly?

We know how exciting it is when a buyer wants to learn more about you and your art and it’s helpful when they can…

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