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Embrace Creatives brings the right art to your commercial project


Whether you company is building a new facility, renovating your existing space, or moving to a new location, Embrace Creatives will make the process of adding artwork stress-free. We’re comfortable working with anyone overseeing the build: the CEO, project manager, the architect, or interior designer.

Exceeding your expectations to become your trusted fine art partner, we expertly source, procure, deliver and install artwork. We manage it all. Embrace Creatives brings the best art and objects to any corporate, hospitality, higher education, and healthcare projects, large or small.


Studies show that companies that display fine art receive tremendous benefits.

  • Employee productivity increases because artwork engages and motivates staff.
  • Clients of companies that showcase fine art spend more money.
  • A business that supports creatives may pull clients from businesses with blank walls or those who hang mass market prints.
  • Developers that display artwork in their buildings can charge higher rents and have lower vacancy rates.
  • Buildings that include artwork may eventually sell for more money.


Get everyone talking and give people another reason to remember your business!  Embrace Creatives offers traditional subjects like abstracts, urban landscapes, geometrics, automotive, and botanicals. And if you’d like to break out of the corporate comfort zone, we can provide eclectic options such as portraits, textural mixed media, surreal, or cultural designs.

Let us bring innovative artworks and installations that enhance your brand and excited your employees, clients and guests. Embrace Creatives offers diverse artwork options ready for purchase:

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Fiber artworks
  • Prints
  • Digital designs
  • Sculpture
  • Industrial designs
  • Mixed media
  • Furniture
  • Living walls

Or allow us to design custom pieces that our EC artists can fabricate specific to your space and project scope.

Lobby Rendering - 1

Artwork rending for a commercial lobby

Airport Art Installation - 2

Fiber, textile or paper artworks

Executive Conf Room Artwork - 3

Oversized wall art and tabletop sculptures

Outdoor Sculpture - 4

Large-scale outdoor or indoor sculptures

Outdoor Mural - 5

Murals that excite

Hanging Sculpture - 6

Art installations for any space


Embrace Creatives founder and lead art advisor, Andrea Bogart is committed to the success of your fine art projects. Andrea hand picks American artists who meet her high business standards and has a network of the best framers, fine art printers, and installers making your entire fine art project stress-free.

Andrea’s extensive knowledge, resources, art options, and amazing eye created a thoughtful and beautiful environment that enhanced the corporation’s mission. Andrea balanced her artistic intuition with the client’s requests, strict budget, and tight schedule. The end results are very impressive.


Dwane Adle, FASID AIA

Principal, Comprehensive Design Group

Andrea was a delight to work with. She grasped the design concept we created and provided recommendations for pieces that fit both the concept and the budget. She did a wonderful job of coordinating the printing, ordering, and installation of all of the pieces. She was a true professional.


Tracy Taylor, NCIDQ, EDAC
President | Designer, T2 Designs

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