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We get your art in front of the right people.

EC Founder, Andrea Bogart explaining newly installed artwork to her interior designer guest.




Embrace Creatives speaks to people in the market for innovative and quality art + design, including collectors, consumers, corporations, interior designers, and architects.


Embrace Creatives builds the relationships, manages projects and made-to-order requests, and pays all sales tax so you can spend more time creating art.


Sure you want your work in galleries and retail stores, but joining a robust ecommerce art site, like Embrace Creatives opens your art up to a wider audience.

Close-up of fiber artwork by Embrace Creatives artist, Cathy Jacobs

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Your success is our goal

What’s Embrace Creatives? Think Saatchi or Artfinder, but with hand-picked artists and more of an intimate, caring community. Then add home goods, fiber and textiles, site-specific installations, furniture, lighting and design objects!

Our buyers are discriminating art lovers, collectors, business owners, and interior professionals who want high quality works crafted by reliable artists. And we are picky; unlike other online marketplaces, we curate not only the art but also the artists to meet or exceed Embrace Creatives founder, Andrea Bogart’s high business standards.

Embrace Creatives a professional and thoughtful company. Unlike other online galleries with faceless, nameless leaders, EC is founded, developed and run by Andrea Bogart, an artist, art advisor and curator with over 35 years in the midwest and New York art and design industry.

Andrea pours her 💖 into Embrace Creatives, making sure it’s beautiful, easy to use and secure. Andrea presents the diverse and quality artwork on her platform to national and global firms and to her growing residential and commercial client base.

Andrea knows that healthy partnerships are invaluable so she is grateful for the relationships she has with the artists on Embrace Creatives. However, she is running a business so also expects them to manage an organized gallery and help spread the EC love. To read learn more about Andrea’s expectations for our official EC artists, click here.

Hey, we’re young but look at our stats!

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15,000 visitors

80,000 pageviews

300+ art sales

zero returns


*Based on G4 analytics since 2021 launch

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Guests admiring artwork during the Mojo Dojo Casa House & Lake Effects duo exhibition. March, 2024


art & objects gallery

Hazel Park, MI

“Because of the relationship I have with Embrace Creatives artists, they are my FIRST PICKS for all of my EC Detroit gallery exhibitions, showcases and professional presentation for trade projects.”

Andrea Bogart
Founder and Lead Art Advisor, Embrace Creatives

EC Detroit is a 3500 sq.ft gallery powered by Embrace Creatives inside the Ideation Orange building. Embrace Creatives is Ideation Orange’s art partner, supporting their corporate projects with original art and objects. Learn more.

Go beyond the local gallery framework.

Yeah, seeing artwork in person is engaging but typically, galleries have a limited, local network. That’s why expanding your opportunities with Embrace Creatives and Andrea – a trustworthy and caring partner – is a no-brainer.

Embrace Creatives is easy to use. Once you upload images, information and pricing you already have, you’re on your way to more eyes on your art. Embrace Creatives is an additional sales channel opening up your artwork to a new audience.

As your non-exclusive art representative, Andrea presents official EC artists’ work to her private clients, including interior designers and architects through her newsletter and during presentations for their residential and commercial projects.

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“90% of Embrace Creatives sales come from seeing the artworks digitally rather than in person.”

Four easy steps to more sales.

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Why our artists love us!

I love working with Andrea at Embrace Creatives, she is such an empathetic and genuine person and the two commissions that I completed through her were a joy to do. The process was smooth and no hassle with her acting as the link between her client and myself. She kept calm and professional at all times, even when the project hit a delay due to COVID related supply chain issues. I look forward to doing many more projects with Andrea and EC.

Paul Westacott

Product Design

Embrace Creatives Creatives is a wonderful company for promoting artists’ work. Andrea works very hard to get us exciting opportunities! I feel grateful to work with her because she is kind, genuine, caring, and she understand how important it is for us to get help getting our work “out there”.

Embrace Creatives gives me a fantastic platform to show my work and find new homes. Thank you Andrea for the “ Baker College Project”!  My work has been placed in a wonderful commercial collection.

Luzhen Qiu


It’s been such a pleasure to work with Andrea at Embrace Creatives. She really cares for her artists and respects what they do. Over the last two years, I have had several opportunities with EC to show my work to a larger audience. Recently, Andrea placed my three-dimensional artwork in a university art collection. And, she worked closely with me to make sure that the installation of my artwork was just right. Thank you, Andrea!

Cathy Jacobs

Fiber Artist

It’s been a great experience working with Andrea and the Embrace Creatives team. They are super personable, enthusiastic about the art, and super organized from consultation-to-delivery. I also love that EC represents such a wide variety of art and makes every artist feel special.

I have a feeling that we are going to be working together for a very long time!

Ben Sharkey


I’m a visual artist from Austin, Texas. Andrea at Embrace Creatives connected with me several years ago on IG and since then we’ve successfully collaborated on several projects including the Baker College installation. Every step of working with EC has been an absolute pleasure. Andrea is quite frankly the easiest and most pleasant professional art curator I’ve ever worked with!

Curtis Cole


Hi Andrea!

Just a quick hello to profusely thank you for the recent “shout outs” showcasing my work in your promo articles that highlights several of my photographs in categories of Abstract, Nature and Urban art.

Your passion and energy about your Embrace Creatives members is extraordinary and greatly appreciated. Thanks again for you all you do in the efforts of all Detroit-based artists to make connections with art buyers.

Joanne Scherf


I wanted to congratulate you again for what you have done for EC and all the artists you represent. Because of you, after all of my years as a professional artst, I actually feel like a real artist. I have a community and support and a real belief in what I am doing. This is because of you. How lucky am I that I took your business course so many moons ago.

Nancy Unger


EC makes it easy for me to connect with new kinds of buyer and showcase my work to new audiences. I’ve been working with Andrea for several years now and have always trusted her with the presentation and consignment of my work. When I’ve sold pieces, Andrea has been impeccable in ensuring the transition for delivery goes smoothly and maintains client relationships well, especially as a liaison between artist and client.

Jessica DeMuro

Photographer and Mixed Media Artist

As an artist you are continually looking for opportunities to show, display or sell your work. I discovered Embrace Creatives which was new at the time and was willing to give it a try. There was an interview process with the owner before I was accepted. In the end, working with clients needs to be professional, therefore all parties need to have this understanding.

The styles I paint in are mainly abstraction and expressionism. It isn’t for everyone, and my work needs to find a specific type of collector or interior space.

Within months of joining “EC”, they found that type of collector. I was contacted about a sale which would result in a public installation. It was a great opportunity and the space shared the same esthetic and philosophy as my work. The sale ultimately went through and “EC” took care of the business end of it.

Working with Andrea and “EC” was enjoyable, and I look forward to the next opportunity!

Bryan Grose


I am a Fiber Artist in Metro Detroit area and I joined EC to get exposure to commercial and residential clients through them.

I was overly excited to hear that Baker College was interested in one of my pieces and so happy that sale went through so smoothly. All the communication, transactions were handled extremely professionally. I am so glad to be part of EC and look forward to future opportunities.

Boisali Biswas

Fiber Artist

I’ve been a member of Embrace Creatives for a couple of years. They sold two of my paintings, one to a residential client and one to a commercial client, which always makes an artist happy!

Jan Brown


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