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Overjoyed clients say...

Sherrie W.
Sherrie W.
Artist + collector
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I've been helping a friend who just bought a second home in another state find new art, rather than try to ship what he currently has. The home was purchased sight unseen and the furniture will be a hodgepodge of discards. But he has an eye (and pocket) for high-quality art. I felt out of my depth here so turned to Andrea at Embrace Creatives to put together a proposal that would match Tom's style, budget and "less than perfectly decorated" new home. Tom is delighted with the options; he just needs to make some decisions now.
Ashley W.
Ashley W.
Artist advocate
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Love how incredibly engaging this platform is to the user-experience! It is very easy to navigate and there are so many AMAZING art pieces to be found that are one-of-a-kind. I love the variety of the talent and collections showcased. I highly recommend Embrace Creatives to any art collector!
Linda M.
Linda M.
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While reading an Embrace Creatives blog post, my husband and I saw this absolutely amazing piece of art and decided to buy it on the spot because it was such a good match. Purchasing was super simple and the Collector discount was a bonus! The painting came in perfect condition, even after the massive Texas storm. It is now hanging in our home and we couldn't be happier. I look forward to discovering more wonderful pieces.
Laura S.
Laura S.
Emerging collector
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Beautiful selection of art! I feel confident as a novice collector purchasing and the site is easy to navigate. Best possible combination.
Sheila R.
Sheila R.
Long time art collector
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As a lifelong art lover and collector, it's exciting to find an online source for local, original art. Especially as getting out to the galleries is more difficult, I enjoy working with Embrace Creatives art advisors, Andrea and Heather to discover new pieces by type of art and state. I'm inspired by the quality work and new pieces listed weekly on the online showroom.
Valerie F.
Valerie F.
Creative + art collector
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I like buying local art and hearing the story behind it. My photography piece arrived in perfect condition.

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