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Only approved, official sellers are able to sell their art through our interiors showroom. If you’d like to apply as an artist or designer, click here.

Everything a buyer needs to know about you, your art practice, how you do business, and your creations are in this area. 

Your EC Store dashboard is your hub, your mission control.

Because your Store showcases you to your potential clients, it’s important that you keep it up-to-date and easily understandable.

Need to know how? Follow the easy-to-use guides below.

Start Here

Let’s start with the basics. You’re trying to sell a tangible, emotional creation online…

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Completing my Store dashboard

To get paid from a sale, review or update your business information, finish setting up your dashboard in this area…

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How to read my Store dashboard data

Your Store dashboard is your hub, your mission control. From here you glean a better understanding of who’s viewing you and…

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Adding an introduction video to my Store

Potential buyers want to learn more about the genius behind a piece of art they adore.  They also want…

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Editing my profile photo

Been a while since your last bio photo? Maybe you got a drastic, new haircut? You don’t need a reason to replace…

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Editing my Store header photo

Your header image is the first thing buyers see when they visit your Store so make sure it’s a current art piece and represents your brand image. If you want to replace or edit your Store header image, follow these easy instructions….

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How to view my orders

When you sell artwork through our website your orders will be posted in your Store dashboard for you to view and use for shipping details…

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How often can I edit my Store content?

Editing your Embrace Creatives’s Store content should be done only if there are major updates; You’ve moved, your bio or CV has…

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Store images size guide

Our EC showroom runs on your brilliant images, of course! Using clear, full images of your art and design products is the best way…

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How do I share my EC Store?

Hey, you want to promote your art and Store with your creative universe? Excellent, you get brownie points for that! Not sure how? It’s easy …

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Deleting my account

Of course we’d hate to see you leave our empowering community but if you would like to delete your Seller account…

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