You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Can I still sell my artwork through my website? - Embrace Creatives


Yes, yes you can.  Embrace Creatives is all for artist empowerment and sales. Our goal is to EXPAND your business, not shrink it.

EC is an additional sales channel for professional artists who make art for spaces and places.

When you signed our Seller Terms, you did not sign an exclusive sales agreement with us.  You did, however agree to list your artwork on EC at the same prices you place on other channels (your website, social media, etc…) and you also agree to remove pieces from your EC GALLERY that you sell outside of Embrace Creatives. Basically we expect our artists to keep a respectful relationship with Andrea and keep their EC Store up-to-date.

You also agreed not to take EC sales or commissions away from our platform.

We hope you sell A LOT of art and know that we’ll be doing our darndest help you.

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