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Tranquility Base

Justin Bean


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I am very interested in the grid as a formal compositional device. The grid is an essential part of modernist painting, used by a wide array of artists from Piet Mondrian to Agnes Martin. Today, the grid resonates with the structure and design of contemporary technologies such as computers with the architecture of central processing units (CPUs). This particular acrylic painting also took on in my mind a lunar quality, and for the titled I chose "Tranquillity Base", the name of the site where humans landed on the moon fir the first time.

28"H × 20"W × 1.5"D
Acrylic on canvas


In my paintings I seek to integrate multiple modes of abstraction and create a visual language that speaks to coded networks of information and the relationship of the individual to the wider technological present. Using patterns, grids, geometry, and a variety of paint application techniques, my paintings act as mirrors that reflect the point at which thought intersects with form and material intersects with meaning.

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