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Justin Bean


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In the acrylic painting "Zephyr" I revisited the geometric cell patterns I used in paintings like "Scatter" and "Strange Distractor", but instead of employing opaque, fully mixed colors, I focused on bringing in a more painterly, unmixed application of color and allowing stray marks to interrupt the individual cells. The title "Zephyr" refers to Zephyrus, the Greek god or personification of the west wind. It also refers to the wonderful Chris Van Allsburg picture book "The Wreck of the Zephyr", about a boy who hears a tale about sailors from an inaccessible island surrounded by a reef who could make their sailboats fly.

30"H × 24"W × 1.5"D
Acrylic on canvas


In my paintings I seek to integrate multiple modes of abstraction and create a visual language that speaks to coded networks of information and the relationship of the individual to the wider technological present. Using patterns, grids, geometry, and a variety of paint application techniques, my paintings act as mirrors that reflect the point at which thought intersects with form and material intersects with meaning.

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