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Justin Bean


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I always title my work after it is finished and I have spent time looking and thinking, making mental connections to ideas that arise in my mind. This piece brought to mind the one-point perspective of a scene like the psychedelic journey at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, or the explosion of a star into a super nova, both ideas that point toward the limits of human comprehension and our tiny place in the universe. I have always been interested in both gestural abstraction and hard-edged or minimalist geometry, and after spending the last several years working with clean edges, flat shapes, and lots of tape, I decided I needed to dive back into a more organic and improvisational approach to my work. This painting and others like it begins with a thick layer of paint that I then draw into while the paint is wet. I let the resulting surface dry which leaves a network of ridges in the paint layer. I then begin to add different colors by loading a palette knife and running it over the surface, gradually building layer upon layer. These paintings generally have between 15 and 40 layers and must be seen in person to appreciate the depth of the texture.

30"H × 24"W × 1.5"D
acrylic paint on canvas


In my paintings I seek to integrate multiple modes of abstraction and create a visual language that speaks to coded networks of information and the relationship of the individual to the wider technological present. Using patterns, grids, geometry, and a variety of paint application techniques, my paintings act as mirrors that reflect the point at which thought intersects with form and material intersects with meaning.

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