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Coordinator 2

Justin Bean


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"Coordinator 2" is an oil painting that was part of a series of paintings I did that use brightly chromatic colors beneath a black overpainting that results in high-contrast prismatic geometric compositions. I don't often work in a square format and was pleased with the results of the decisions I made while painting "Coordinator 2". The meaning of an abstract geometric composition is in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless I myself am drawn to the geometry on display here because it brings to mind some of my other interests, such as science fiction literature and theories about the interaction of the individual with their techno-cultural milieu. How does technology shape our minds and how we perceive our place in the world? This is a question I am interested in.

30"H × 30"W × 1.5"D
Oil on canvas


In my paintings I seek to integrate multiple modes of abstraction and create a visual language that speaks to coded networks of information and the relationship of the individual to the wider technological present. Using patterns, grids, geometry, and a variety of paint application techniques, my paintings act as mirrors that reflect the point at which thought intersects with form and material intersects with meaning.

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