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Birds of the Marsh

Lonnie Zarem


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Birds of the Marsh

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Birds of the Marsh centers around my experience exploring the vast marshlands in Georgia and South Carolina. I wanted to highlight the quiet of these moments, the elegance of the birds in their daily routines, and the blue and green contrasts of the water, birds, and sky. This piece is the product of many layers and iterations done on three separate panels, each on a 32 x 66 plate.

66"H × 96"W × .02"D
Encaustic medium, masa rice paper
This painting will be shipped in a tube to client . The piece is currently on display in California and is available for shipment June 8th, 2024.


I intend to express my observations, interactions, and interpretation of the living world around me. I mean to capture the simple, honest, and elegant moments when I feel profoundly connected to people, plants and animals and the meaningful interactions and shifts of daily life. It is my joy to share these experiences through my work. The fluid and unstable nature of the encaustic media offers unique freedoms to explore layering, depth, line, and color all while preparing for a pull off print. This invites an energetic, physical, and immediate focus which can be dynamically expressed on rice papers. This expressive process is inherently exploratory and offers me endless possibilities to express the fundamental truths I search for.

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