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Mojo Dojo Casa House Exhibition in metro Detroit

January 20, 2024

by appointment / january 22 – april 19

opening reception: friday, febuary 9, 2024 / 6-9pm

Step into a Barbie-ish world of vibrant pink hues and playfulness with EC Detroit’s third exhibition, Mojo Dojo Casa House, a warm and wonderful experience that will bring you joy. This enchanting showcase celebrates the magic of “home” with an array of contemporary paintings, textiles, and 3D artworks. Wander through the 3500 sq.ft. space inside Ideation Orange and encounter pieces that will breathe life into your mojo dojo casa house. Iconic Barbie colors work their way through the rainbow in a variety of artistic styles.

Mojo Dojo Casa House brings together Embrace Creatives artists from metro Detroit, Virginia, Arkansas, and South Carolina, plus guest artists from New York and Delaware. Focusing on contemporary disciplines and compelling objects, we explore what it means to use art to help build a warm, loving, fun, and playful home.

Come to the public opening on Friday, February 9th from 6-9PM.

All art is for sale.

If the artwork below is not linked and you want to learn more, contact Andrea Bogart: or 248-702-4902


Embrace Creatives artists:

Kelly Burke

Troy Ramos

Jerome Patryjak

Liz Frankland

Molly Brown

Nancy Thayer

Carly Wilhelm

Rachel Wittels

Robert Piatek

Luzhen Qiu

Jeff Horton

Edward Vaughan

Christopher Rico

Kelly Darke

Samah Kthar

Diego Sanchez

Lauren Harrington

Guest artists:

Jillian Blackwell, Caitlin Miller, Claudia Rivera Plaza, and Lauren Raubner

Party Pink Wallpaper - Mojo Dojo Casa House 1

Party Pink Wallpaper

Photo paper

240-Molly_Borman_Barbie - Mojo Dojo Casa House 2

Barbie Girl Wallpaper

Photo paper

Screen Shot 2024-01-07 At 5.16.30 Pm - Mojo Dojo Casa House 3

Composition # 125

Multi media on panel

The Lost Land Textile Wall Art - Mojo Dojo Casa House 4

The Lost Land

Cotton yarns, copper wire and wood

Power Grid Lamp - Mojo Dojo Casa House 5

Power Grid Lamp

Ceramic, shade, tape, lighting material

Crop-Claudia_Riveraplaza_Siempre-Me-Ganas - Mojo Dojo Casa House 6

Siempre me ganas.

Acrylic, enamel and alcohol paint on polyethylene tarp with grommets

Jillian_Blackwell_Braided-Rug-2 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 7

Braided Rug 2

bed sheets, fabric, plastic bags

The Big Pink - Mojo Dojo Casa House 8

The Big Pink Thing

Acrylic on canvas

Jerome Patryjak Bowl 30-Wave 2(1) - Mojo Dojo Casa House 9

Bowl 30-Wave 2

High fire Terra-cotta, glaze

Condensing(1) - Mojo Dojo Casa House 10


Oil and multi media on raw canvas

Inconstant(1) - Mojo Dojo Casa House 11


Oil and multi media on raw canvas

72-Violetdrift_36X36_Acryliconcanvas_3000 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 12

Violet Drift

Acrylic on canvas

Cream Geometric Painting

Artwork from our first exhibition titled, Select Pieces.  All work  is available for sale.

A peek inside

EC Detroit curated art + objects.

All artwork available for sale.

Embrace Creatives is the official art partner of Ideation Orange (IO), an experiential branding company, and EC Detroit is happily situated inside their Hazel Park business. IO’s “Gallery” is an art gallery curated by EC, as well as a corporate event space. In order to cater to large groups, IO has added two lounge areas inside the gallery.  The lounge furniture is a compliment to my fine art exhibitions and brings a welcoming vibe. EC Detroit is not a stuffy art gallery but an inspiring and inviting space for your corporate event.


Don’t miss our gallery events!

Grande Femme_72X60_Acrylic On Canvas_2023 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 13

Grande Femme

Acrylic on canvas

240-Kelly_Darke_Growth - Mojo Dojo Casa House 14


Vintage fabric, acrylic paint, cotton thread, paper

Madame Rhapsody - Mojo Dojo Casa House 15

Madame, Rhapsody in Pink

Oil on canvas

Artist At Rest5 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 16

Artist At Rest

Cotton and acrylic hand woven fabric, hand sewn and stuffed with foam and poly-fi

Lo-Qiu_Luzhen-Untited-Ii-2022-Acrylic-Oil-On-Canvas-6022X4822 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 17

Untitled II 2022

Acrylic, oil on canvas

240-Newer-Visions-Iii-Img_0479 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 18

Newer Visions III

Acrylic on canvas

I hand-pick and interview every artist before they are accepted into and my EC Detroit gallery to ensure they meet my high business standards. That way your purchase arrives safely, on time, and on budget.

Andrea Bogart

Founder, CEO, Embrace Creatives

Binary Comment - Mojo Dojo Casa House 19

sasayakimasu 1

Acrylic on birch panel

Binary Comment - Mojo Dojo Casa House 20

sasayakimasu 4

Acrylic on birch panel

240-Jacob-Edrroudjpg - Mojo Dojo Casa House 21

Jacob & Edroud

Oil on canvas

Outside/In Exhibit Image

Taping the World Back Together

Acrylic, spray paint, collage, pencil on paper

72-He-Said-He-Said-Ec-Show-2024 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 22

He said, he said

Acrylic, spray paint, collage, pencil on paper

Lilperiwinkle - Mojo Dojo Casa House 23

Lil Periwinkle

Acrylic on bristol paper

Outside/In Exhibit Image

Miss Marigold

Acrylic on bristol paper

Lilboy - Mojo Dojo Casa House 24

Lil Boy

Acrylic on bristol paper

Reydeflores-2 - Mojo Dojo Casa House 25

Rey de Flores

Acrylic on bristol paper

Outside/In Exhibit Image

Norwegian Textile Warp

Acrylic on canvas

Cream Geometric Painting

Artwork from our first exhibition titled, Select Pieces.  All work is available for sale.

Another peek inside

Don’t just peek! Visit EC Detroit, powered by Embrace Creatives. We’re located in Hazel Park, MI

EC Detroit is open by appointment-only.

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