Learn Which Art Styles Are the Most Popular

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An artwork’s art style serves as a window into the artist’s creative process, allowing you to better comprehend their vision, subject, and sentiments. But what about YOUR art style? How do you find out which style you match best with? There are hundreds of art styles but only a few are popular. Let’s begin with … Read more

How to Avoid the 10 Worst Home Decorating Mistakes

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Follow these decorating tips to make your home happier, spacious and joyful. Decorating your home is not just the act of buying items and displaying them, it’s creating a healthy lifestyle. In this article you’ll learn how to easily stay away from things like gloomy rooms, kid clutter, dull and lifeless environments, and the number … Read more

How to commission custom wall art like a pro

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Easily order unique art from local artists to enhance your blank walls. There are times when you’re searching online art galleries to buy custom wall art but it eludes you. You discover a handful of local artists whose paintings you like but they don’t have anything available that’s “just right” – Maybe it’s a tad … Read more

5 Creative Ways to Fill That Big Empty Wall

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Inspired ideas to help make your home or office warmer and more inviting. Embrace Creatives is an art showroom and as such we KNOW that blank areas, or as we artists call it, “negative space” is welcoming at times. However, too much negative space by the way of empty walls will make your room feel … Read more