A Simple Tool to Help You Reach Your Goals and Stay Organized All Year Long

- Reach Your Goals 1

It’s one thing to dream (and people who are creative do dream), it’s another thing to move your dreams along to fruition – THAT can be much more difficult. We all have grand goals, dream, visions for our creative business but organizing to reach those goals takes guidance and tools. I gathered proven techniques then … Read more

How to Avoid the 10 Worst Home Decorating Mistakes

- Worst Home Decorating Mistakes 4

Follow these decorating tips to make your home happier, spacious and joyful. Decorating your home is not just the act of buying items and displaying them, it’s creating a healthy lifestyle. In this article you’ll learn how to easily stay away from things like gloomy rooms, kid clutter, dull and lifeless environments, and the number … Read more

How to commission custom wall art like a pro

- Commission Artwork 11

Easily order unique art from local artists to enhance your blank walls. There are times when you’re searching online art galleries to buy custom wall art but it alludes you. You discover a handful of local artists whose paintings you like but they don’t have anything available that’s “just right” – Maybe it’s a tad … Read more

Affordable Artisan-Crafted Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

- Affordable Mother'S Day Gifts 2021 20

We’ve got the best, handmade, affordable gifts for the Superperson in your life; mothers, new moms, step-moms, mother-in-laws, grandmothers and anyone you consider your Mama. Find breathtaking floral displays in acrylic, mosaics, photography and print. Remember, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. Give Mom a unique and heartfelt gift, save 10% and support local artists, … Read more

5 Creative Ways to Fill That Big Empty Wall

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 34

Inspired ideas to help make your home or office warmer and more inviting. Embrace Creatives is an art showroom and as such we KNOW that blank areas, or as we artists call it, “negative space” is welcoming at times. However, too much negative space by the way of empty walls will make your room feel … Read more

Art Match Monday: Mixed Media Pet Artwork

- 51

It’s Art Match Monday! Are you ready to make an art-love connection? Pet lovers, unite! Introducing, “Star of the Show”, a Mixed Media Shadow Box crafted by one of our more spiritual storytellers. HOW SWEET IS THIS!? Over the years, Melissa’s dog took center stage, helping her through tough moments so she designed a very … Read more

Insights Into the Commercial Art Buying World

- Commercial Art Insights 52

In our continued effort to bridge the gap between artists and commercial art buyers, Embrace Creatives is giving you an easy way to get your burning questions answered by an experienced, arts professional.We are beyond honored to have Wayne Northcross, former member manager at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit respond to our Embrace Creatives Artists … Read more

Art Match Monday: Serene Spirituality

- 57

It’s Art Match Monday! Are you ready to make an art-love connection? Untitled Mineral is awash with surrealism so let’s match this stunning painting with someone who enjoys mystery, deep thought and symbolism.  Some may see angels or ghostly figures because spirituality is the strongest theme here. This oil on canvas piece is part of a … Read more

Fresh Art That’s a Celebration of Spring

- A Celebration Of Spring 58

Embrace Creatives has gathered bunches of bright artwork bursting to bring Spring into your home. Here at the Embrace Creatives, metro Detroit headquarters, we’re gearing up for Spring!  This year the spring equinox comes to us on Saturday, March 20 as the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Why do we feel … Read more

Learn How To Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork

- Expertly Hang Unframed Artwork 66

Don’t let the fear of unframed pieces keep you from buying art! Although Embrace Creatives is supportive of local frame shops, we know that framing artwork may not be not suitable for every type of medium you’ll purchase. Fiber, works on paper and photography don’t always need a frame. If you’ve ever wondered about alternatives … Read more

Art Match Monday / Fall in love with orchids

- Art Match Monday 75

Are you ready to make an art-love connection? Here’s a lovely botanical piece looking for the perfect match. Today I’d like to introduce you to mixed media watercolor, Blue Orchid II. Doesn’t this piece remind you that precious bulbs in your garden will be sprouting to greet the day? Delicate and fresh, this sweet, 4 … Read more

Art Match Monday – Fiber Love

- Art Match Monday 76

Are you ready to make an art-love connection? Introducing a stunning fiber panel that shimmers like glass. Woven by an award-winning, metro Detroit Artist. Hear EC founder Andrea Bogart describe this magnificent work to fall in love with, today! Go to Artwork This article was written by Andrea Bogart, professional artist, art consultant and … Read more

Interior Designers Share Home Trends for 2021

- Interior Designers Share Home Trends 77

Embrace Creatives asked local, metro Detroit interior designers for their take on the newest home-decorating trends. Embrace Creatives knows art. And we know interior professionals who know design trends that will be important in this new year. Embrace Creatives founder, Andrea Bogart spoke with metro Detroit interior designers, Paul Johnson, Dan Davis, Jennifer Baross of … Read more

Why Art Collections Benefit Companies of Any Size

- Art Collections Benefit Companies 80

Clear Guidance From an Art Consultant It happens. You build your corporate identity, hone your mission statement and nurture your company culture. Then one day, you look around and feel like something’s missing. Your office doesn’t reflect the tone you’ve worked so hard to set. From your employees to the building that houses you, every … Read more

Home Office Design Cues from a Pro

Amanda Curtis Home Office Interview

Setting up a home office is becoming even more important in residential design. So, we invited local Interior Designer Amanda Curtis to share how she collaborates with her clients to make their work spaces work in every way. Let’s hear what a professional has to say about home office design. Image source: Name: Amanda … Read more

A Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine'S Day 2021

Artsy gifts in red to give to others or your true love, yourself!Red provokes the strongest emotions of any color. And of course, in the windup to Valentine’s Day it’s everywhere. Red’s bold, deep intensity is stimulating and associated with excitement. In fact, studies show that being exposed to the color red, either on clothing … Read more

How to buy original art online

- How To Buy Original Art Online 98

Eight simple steps to enliven your home or office with engaging artwork by local artistsOnline art sales are booming. With in-person gatherings at a minimum and more people searching for balance and beauty to combat a tumultuous 2020, buying original art online is becoming more commonplace. The latest addition of the annual Online Art Trade … Read more

Uplift your home office with affordable, original art

- Home Office 105

2020 was the “work from home year” that’s likely not ending anytime soon. Unfortunately, working from home can be isolating and emotionally draining. So, while we may have been tempted to prioritize other rooms in years past, the office just moved further up the decorating line. Creating a soothing, uplifting workspace isn’t just a luxury … Read more

Art Consultants and interior designers. A sm(art) business move.

- Art Advisors Bring Value To Interior Designers 117

You’ve hired contractors. You’ve decided which family furniture to keep. You’ve chosen paint colors and coordinated a zillion other details, until here you are at the final styling stage of sourcing original art from local artists. A whirlwind of design goodness BUT a giant time-eater. Right about now, a savvy interior designer says, where’s my … Read more

Pantone, Where Color Rules

- Pantone Color Of The Year 2021 121

Interior Designers, Graphic, Fashion and Accessory Designers follow seasonal trends such as patterns, texture and color which is why when you shop, you find similar colors and color combinations in clothing, accessories, textiles and interiors paint. Designers have different trend resources but the longest lasting and most important is Pantone the color company. In 1963, … Read more

2021 Colors of the Year

- 2021 Color Trends 133

Most of us are more than ready to get the HECK out of 2020. Life needs a refresh. Our homes and offices likely need one too since, well…we haven’t been getting out much. How do we turn up the happiness dial in our beloved spaces? Inspiration is as close as 2021 color trends. The theme … Read more

Using Merchandising to Inspire Sales

- Visual Merchandising 144

By Amanda Curtis of ARC Design Studios – A fter working in visual merchandising for the last eight years, I have learned quite a few things about how merchandising inspires sales and how spacial design can affect a guest’s willingness, to not only buy that day, but to return. My advice below not only affects … Read more

Portfolio Review in Detroit

- Portfolio Review Detroit 146

Bringing valuable and long lasting opportunities to metro Detroit artists through our portfolio review event. For an entire day in October, 2019 the Detroit Center for Design + Technology in Midtown Detroit hummed with intense energy!  In our Detroit Portfolio Review, diverse reviewers (gallery directors, curators and media professionals) took turns speaking with artists about … Read more

Art and Design Showroom Event

- Artist Networking Events 152

Mix With a Maker: Interior Design October 23, 2020 This was our first Showcase for Interior Professionals and although COVID-19 was a barrier for some, we were thrilled with the turnout and the fact that we were able to introduce so many to our Embrace Creatives’s artists. We look forward to many more, in-person events … Read more

Artist Networking and Sales Events

Artist Events Post Image

More than just an art + design showroom, Embrace Creatives is committed to empowerment and what better way to guide and support our creative industries than through artist networking and sales events?! Partnering with the ASID MI and hosted at Bright Ideas furniture in Royal Oak, MI, Founder, Andrea Bogart presented a Mix with a … Read more

Bringing Your Creative Business Online and Live, Easily

- Bringing Your Business Online Live 161

Nowadays, small business owners need to get their expertise, tutorials, product, and services live and online. I’ve found Zoom to be the easiest with the most capabilities, and you can do a lot with the free version. Bringing your creative business online, live with basic live-stream isn’t difficult when you know the steps and plan … Read more

Local Experts Share Experience, Tips, Resources and Strategies to Protect Your Artwork and Business

- 170

Having a consistent narrative can strengthen your marketability. How do you protect your online images? How much IS IT to insure your creative business? (Yes, you can afford it!) Do you need to trademark your work? In March, 2020 Embrace Creatives gathered experts together for a livestream discussion to give you answers to those questions … Read more

Why You Should Thank People For Their Time

- 171

Time is finite. It should be valued and not squandered. I read somewhere that when you meet with a mentor, potential client or partner, you should not thank them for their time. Instead, the article said, you should thank them for sharing their experience or advice. After a long, long conversation with a potential guide … Read more

WordPress Blogging Basics for Creative Business Owners

- Wordpress Blogging Basics 173

As someone in a creative field, your website will have images, of course but what’s more important is the messaging and what you write about.  Blogging well will increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means you’re website will have a better chance of showing up when people search for what you’re selling. Blog writing … Read more

Your Guide for Developing a Fabulous Artist Statement

- Artist Statement Examples 174

An artist statement is an easy-to-read and revealing “portrait” that expresses your artistic vision. There’s an unconscious language you use when speaking about your paintings, sculpture, furniture, etc… and when doing so you build the relationship between words and your art. Your statement brings a vivid picture of a real person to the reader’s mind. … Read more

Building an Engaging Artist Biography

- Writing An Artist Bio 175

We know that expressing our business path effectively can be frustrating and confusing, including an artist biography. When potential buyers view your EC Shop it’s important to have your professionalism in full view but don’t worry if you lack a bio, CV or artists statement… Andrea and TEAM EC is here to help! Your bio … Read more

Crafting a Full and Memorable Artist CV

- How To Write An Artist Cv 180

When selling yourself to commercial art buyers, building their confidence in you as a professional is extremely important. Some in the trade want emerging or mid-career artists, so don’t be concerned that your CV is light.  And for those of you saying, “CV? Huh?” A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is like a resumé as it includes … Read more