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WordPress Blogging Basics for Creative Business Owners

November 26, 2018

A s someone in a creative field, your website will have images, of course but what’s more important is the messaging and what you write about.

Blogging well will increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means you’re website will have a better chance of showing up when people search for what you’re selling.

Blog writing increases the number of pages on your website.

That’s the REAL secret to SEO. The more content you have, the more often search engines will share your website to people searching.

By bringing your audience quality content that they want to read, they will stay on your website longer – which tells search engines that your site is a good place to send people looking for that type of information. Get it? It’s all about engaging and keeping people interested and ON your website!

For WordPress Beginners:

When you login to the Administration area of your WordPress site you’ll see navigation links down the left side that lead to each section.

Posts is where you will be blogging. You will have the ability to add video, images, and other media in this area. Always remember to Save Draft until it’s ready to publish, and “preview” in order to see it in full, before you hit “publish.”

CATEGORY is where you set up the different topics. Create 2 or 3 categories and add as you go. Categories help your readers find similar subjects.

Media is where all your images, audio, and videos are stored. You can upload directly to the Media section or inside the post, itself. If you enter visuals into the post, they end up in the Media section.

Now it’s time to WRITE!

Write what your audience would like to read. Obviously it should be a topic you’re comfortable with and understand well.  Longer is not better. Say what you need to in the least amount of words and keep the number of words inside a paragraph to a minimum.

TIP: Don’t pick your title until you’ve written your article.

Your title will be seen by Google and they will use it to bring clients to you so the more detailed, the better.

There are a few types of articles available to bloggers;

1. How To’s and Tutorials

2. Lists

3. Reviews

4. Interviews

5. Personal Stories

Make sure to mix them up so your audience doesn’t get bored.  If you have a large amount to say on one topic, split it up into a series of blog articles.

What will your write about in YOUR website?


  1. Patricia Domanski

    Thank you, Andrea!! This article is on my weekend “to do list”. I’m going to go over your article with a fine tooth comb!!!

    • Detroit Art &Amp; Business Institute

      Nice! You know to reach out if you have questions and our EC Ambassador, @kirubasekaransekaran is an SEO expert so I’m sure she can offer basic guides for keywords, too. 🙂 ~Andrea

  2. Kelly O’neill

    Great tutorial. What is the best way to market your blog? Have you had success with twitter?

    • Detroit Art &Amp; Business Institute

      Thank you, Kelly! Best way to market one’s blog is by sharing via social media and trying to write for OTHER blogs and linking back to your posts. I don’t use Twitter much but for those that do, and use their hashtags effectively, it can be an excellent platform for linking back.


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