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Interior Designers Share Home Trends for 2021

February 23, 2021

Embrace Creatives asked local, metro Detroit interior designers for their take on the newest home-decorating trends.

Embrace Creatives knows art. And we know interior professionals who know design trends that will be important in this new year. Embrace Creatives founder, Andrea Bogart spoke with metro Detroit interior designers, Paul Johnson, Dan Davis, Jennifer Baross of Dan Davis Designs and Kelli Kalso of Detroit design:rehab to get their expert insights on style, color and materials for 2021.

Dan Davis Designs Project
Our client wanted color and art throughout the entire house. The vibrant green of the hood and island are echoed in other spaces of the home. Dan Davis Design photo by Laura McCaffery

What new design trends are you excited about?

Paul, Dan, and Jennifer: Moving away from all neutrals into more color. Neutrals can be great, but people tend to be shy about how to use color. Done right, it can really invigorate a space.

Kelli: Health and wellness was a trend prior to 2020 which will intensify this year. People are re-thinking open-plan design both at work and home due to a lack of privacy.

Share the details surrounding a decorative or cultural style that we’ll see a lot of in 2021.

Paul, Dan, and Jennifer: The biggest thing right now is Covid related. People are not investing in travel, so they are deciding to make their homes into more inviting , beautiful and functional spaces.  And many are looking to figure out how to add more usable space. This is not just about adding square footage, but how to make that outdoor space or unused bonus room into another place to really enjoy.

Kelli: Because of Covid-19 and the inability to travel, decorating using items that have a deeper meaning will be a trend. Using items from either their own ancestral roots or countries they have visited or wish to visit. Displaying art created by indigenous artists or antiques from their travels will be important.

- Interior Designers Share Home Trends 1
Photo courtesy of Detroit design:rehab

What about color? What emotions will you be suggesting to your clients through color and/or what color combinations will you turn to? 

Paul, Dan, and Jennifer: We actually do not follow color trends. If a client wants last year’s color, then they should have it. It is our responsibility to make it fresh. Color trends come and go, but give a client a color they love and do it well, then they are much happier in the long run.

Kelli: I personally am tired of all gray interiors, which can be depressing, especially in a northern climate with our lack of sunlight. With the political climate hopefully toning down, and the slowly lessening isolation of Covid-19, people have optimism and I see bright, fun colors returning to interiors, similar to what we saw after WWII.

Dan Davis Designs Detroit
We designed the outdoor kitchen, assisted in selecting the outdoor finishes and specified the teak furniture, cushions and pillows to connect to the colors we used inside as well. Dan Davis Design photo by Laura McCaffery

What type of art will you be sharing with your clients in 2021?

Paul, Dan, and Jennifer: Whatever fits their style and budget.  We have a very diverse group of clients who have different budgets, different styles, and varied personalities. We love the process of helping them discover art that they will love for a long time.

Kelli:There has really been a push, especially in the past year, to support local businesses. People have seen how important it is to try to keep those people and places you love afloat. This includes local artists and entertainers. I try to support and promote local artists as much as possible. With Zoom-ready backgrounds now a trend, using art hanging behind them people can show more than a generic backdrop and use local art to achieve it.

- Interior Designers Share Home Trends 2
Photo courtesy of Detroit design:rehab

In terms of fabrics and surfaces, what materials will be important based upon the trends you’re seeing?

Paul, Dan, and Jennifer: With more people staying home, they want fabrics and materials that wear well, and will not look outdated anytime soon. And more people are asking about earth friendly and socially responsible materials. 

Kelli: There is an emphasis on natural, vintage, timeless, and sustainable materials. I don’t have a cookie-cutter design style, rather I design based on my client’s likes and personality and what’s appropriate to the architectural style of the home. Each project is different but the fabrics and surface materials should always be well made.

Dan Davis Design is a full service interior design firm serving Metro-Detroit [] 707 E Lewiston Ave Suite 102, Ferndale, MI.

Detroit design:rehab is a commercial, residential and kitchen and bath interior design firm [] located inside Design Studio 6 at 8626 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI .

This article was written by Andrea Bogart, founder and lead art advisor of Embrace Creatives.


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