5 Famous Floral Paintings By Master Painters and Contemporary Complementary Artworks

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Flowers have always been one of the most popular subjects for painters. Flowers offer a plethora of color and form options in addition to their pure beauty. Their vivid blossoms have inspired artists for centuries, with many devoting their entire careers to creating reproductions of various botanical marvels, masterfully.But why do people regard flowers to … Read more

Interior Designers Share Home Trends for 2021

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Embrace Creatives asked local, metro Detroit interior designers for their take on the newest home-decorating trends. Embrace Creatives knows art. And we know interior professionals who know design trends that will be important in this new year. Embrace Creatives founder, Andrea Bogart spoke with metro Detroit interior designers, Paul Johnson, Dan Davis, Jennifer Baross of … Read more

Pantone, Where Color Rules

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Interior Designers, Graphic, Fashion and Accessory Designers follow seasonal trends such as patterns, texture and color which is why when you shop, you find similar colors and color combinations in clothing, accessories, textiles and interiors paint. Designers have different trend resources but the longest lasting and most important is Pantone the color company. In 1963, … Read more

2021 Colors of the Year

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Most of us are more than ready to get the HECK out of 2020. Life needs a refresh. Our homes and offices likely need one too since, well…we haven’t been getting out much. How do we turn up the happiness dial in our beloved spaces? Inspiration is as close as 2021 color trends. The theme … Read more