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Parallel Dimensions

Samah Kthar


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Parallel Dimensions is a large-scale artwork that explores the concept of parallel dimensions and the idea that each dimension is a reflection and mirror of the current life we are living. The piece is dominated by a vibrant shade of pink, which gives it a bold and striking presence. Upon closer inspection, viewers will notice that the piece is full of intricate details that are meant to be discovered and explored. The surface of the canvas is covered in a maze of lines, shapes, and patterns that create a sense of movement and depth. As viewers move closer to the piece, they will start to see different layers and textures that add to the overall complexity of the artwork. The piece is meant to be experienced up close, where viewers can lose themselves in the details and get lost in the different dimensions that the piece suggests. Parallel Dimensions is a thought-provoking piece that challenges viewers to consider the possibility of other dimensions and the idea that there might be alternate versions of ourselves living parallel lives.

36"H × 48"W × 3"D
Gallery Wrapped
acrylic on canvas


Samah Kthar is an artist fueled by harnessing present-moment experience and transforming it into something tangible to share. She believes the way to express and connect with others, is through art. Kthar's science background and therapeutic approach are applied and reflected within her work. Kthar's interest is to understand and merge theories of science, math, and psychology into her artistic expressions. Kthar believes it is critical to spread inspiration to others in order to create a more empathetic world. Kthar's paintings are emotionally charged and unplanned from beginning to completion. Her range of works is dependent on mood, setting, circumstances, time period, and so on. Kthar’s inspirations include the future of technology, implications of quantum physics, the shifts taking place in the world, golden ratio, platonic solids, flower of life, complimentary alternative medicines, nostalgic memories, and the history of ancient civilizations.

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