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Higher Intelligence

Samah Kthar


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Higher Intelligence

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"Higher Intelligence" is a work of love, skillfully crafted from repurposed acrylic to create a captivating 3D effect. The viewer's perspective shifts with each angle, revealing the art's intricate beauty.Witnessing this artwork from different angles unveils its intricate beauty. This painting was inspired by acknowledging the profound intelligence that nature effortlessly instills within its very fabric, as it encourages a shift from doing to simply being.

24"H × 30"W × 2"D
Gallery Wrapped
acrylic, repurposed acrylic on canvas


Samah Kthar is an artist fueled by harnessing present-moment experience and transforming it into something tangible to share. She believes the way to express and connect with others, is through art. Kthar's science background and therapeutic approach are applied and reflected within her work. Kthar's interest is to understand and merge theories of science, math, and psychology into her artistic expressions. Kthar believes it is critical to spread inspiration to others in order to create a more empathetic world. Kthar's paintings are emotionally charged and unplanned from beginning to completion. Her range of works is dependent on mood, setting, circumstances, time period, and so on. Kthar’s inspirations include the future of technology, implications of quantum physics, the shifts taking place in the world, golden ratio, platonic solids, flower of life, complimentary alternative medicines, nostalgic memories, and the history of ancient civilizations.

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