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Embrace Creatives is an online art + object gallery, showcasing quality artworks to collectors, business owners and the Trade. Buyers use EC to source creative products for their residential and commercial projects.

Our founder, Andrea Bogart is picky and only selects professionals who want to be part of our exciting journey and will work with us as a reliable partner. EC is an additional sales channel: Feel free to continue to sell your work through your website, galleries, etc. as long as the price points are the same.

We strive to keep a creative balance in our Showroom, as demand for certain products, are often changing. EC reserves the right to either delete or not accept artwork we feel is not right for our platform aesthetic.

To sell your artwork through us, log into your vendor account, list artwork you’d like to showcase and along with our SEM campaigns and marketing, share your EC account through your social channels.

In addition, place a hyperlink to your Embrace Creatives gallery on your website or in your social channel descriptions or links.

If you are a Collector or the Trade and have an account with us but would also like to sell your own artwork in our Showroom, please apply using a different email.

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