How do I sell my art on Embrace Creatives?

Embrace Creatives is an online interiors showroom, offering quality original art that also helps you run your business. Private collectors and design professionals use us to source creative products for their residential and commercial projects. 

EC is an additional sales channel. Feel free to continue to sell your work through your website, galleries, etc.

The first step to selling your art though Embrace Creatives is to apply here.

Our curatorial team will review your application and if accepted we will set up a casual interview.  If the chat goes well, we’ll accept you and send your Sellers Form and W-9 to complete and Terms to sign.

If you are not accepted into Embrace Creatives, we encourage you to re-apply in the future because the creative balance of our Showroom, as well as demand for certain products, are often changing.

If you are a Collector or the Trade and have an account with us but would also like to sell your own artwork in our Showroom, please apply using a different email.

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