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Fiber artwork by EC artist, Diane Núñez

Your art in our online gallery? Sweet!



Embrace Creatives curates an exclusive and diverse collection of fine art and objects from emerging and established, national artists into our online gallery. Using this mindfully growing collection, we sell digitally as well as through private residential, commercial, and hospitality projects

We truly appreciate our creators and as an empowerment community, we work to build positive relationships with and champion every artist that joins us. Learn the benefits of being an EC artist and read our “give and get” list.

How to join our EC journey:

1.) Apply below.

2.) EC will review your application on a timely basis.

3.) Watch for a “yes” or “no” email.

Because our buyers are choosy, we are very picky.

Founder, Andrea Bogart + team looks for:

  • Consistent, high-quality work that expands our product offerings.
    Cohesive collections or series that suit our buyers’ needs.
  • Professional documents.*
  • Experience with gallery exhibitions/trade shows/commercial sales and custom work.
  • The state of your website and/or online presence.

*If we are unable to review your professional documents, your application will be rejected. To send documents separately, email them.

NOTE: Embrace Creatives is an additional sales channel, not an exclusive rep.

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