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Prism in the Forest

Ann McIntyre


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A layered monotype (unique, 1/1) created from layers and layers of actual botanical materials from my garden. The final layer, pine, appears almost flamelike, with the rich color created from the layers below.

30"H × 11.33"W × 0.25"D
Oil based inks on BFK Reeves paper.


I start with an attraction and curiosity to a material, usually things that have been used up for their original purpose and discarded. Experimentation and play are at the core of my practice. I challenge myself: Can I pull a second life out of something that has been thrown away? Building up layers of materials into a matrix intrigues and engages. The process is time consuming and evolves slowly through trial and error. The surprises delight and metaphorically remind me to remain open and responsive to the unexpected. The possibilities seem endless. I hope my work inspires others to see infinite potential in their surroundings and to be invigorated by the transformative power of the imagination.

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