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When I was 36 and on my own

Troy Ramos


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When I was 36 and on my own

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"When I was 36 and on my own" is a striking abstract painting that commands attention with its dynamic composition. In the center, three nearly square-shaped spray-painted forms boldly emerge, with vibrant overlapping colors of orange, black, and light blue. These central elements create a focal point, drawing the viewer into a captivating dance of colors. Geometric lines, meticulously placed, crisscross the canvas, providing a sense of structure amidst the expressive chaos. The interplay of blue and light blue, along with the stark contrast of black and orange, creates a visual symphony that resonates with energy and balance. At the heart of the composition lies a large spray-painted black circle, commanding a powerful presence. Surrounding the work are a few smaller circles which add an element of asymmetry, introducing a touch of unpredictability to the overall harmony. These circles, symbolic of unity and contrast, anchor the composition and invite contemplation. "When I was 36 and on my ow" is a celebration of the intersection between controlled geometry and the spontaneity of spray-painted expression. The deliberate placement of forms and lines invites viewers to explore the intricate relationships within the canvas, where unity and diversity coexist in a visually compelling narrative.

14"H × 11"W × 0.1"D
Mixed Media
Acrylic, spray paint, pencil and mixed materials on acid-free, archival paper


'My religion is to trust myself'. My process involves creating art quickly to produce works which represent a particular moment in time. Years of study and experimentation have made significant contributions to my work. But simply trusting my instincts has encouraged more interesting results and has allowed me to avoid difficulties related to paralysis by analysis. There is often an appropriate amount of breathing between various aspects, layers or gestures within each work. But those breaths are also within the same period of time and space, so each new element still feels and looks like it emanated from materials which came before it.

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