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Hibiscus Rising

Tricia Soderberg


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I enjoy the process of printmaking, especially monoprints. My inspiration and imagery are gleaned from organic sources. I think of my creative process as being akin to planning and planting a garden. Plants, flowers and insects combine to create a lush imaginary environment. I start with a determined yet playful focus by creating stencils and masks along with some pre-existing materials. Unpredictability is embraced by placing these forms in various positions and allowing my intuition to dictate the color palette. The imagery and textures that result from this method are unique and ultimately satisfying.

20"H × 20"W × 0.75"D
monotype printed with Akua ink on paper with collage


My works on paper are created by combining multiple monotypes into a greater cohesive collage. My imagery is gleaned from organic sources. Plants, flowers and insects combine to create a lush imaginary environment with emphasis on color and and pattern.

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