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Paul Westacott


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I love playing with simple shapes and vibrant colors and there is nothing more joyful than when that play comes together to create a whole that is greater than its parts. Art can be a way to glimpse the potential inherent in everything for transformation. Quadrant #2 is a celebration of life through color and composition in its most elemental form and an expression of the transformative power of art.

48"H × 43"W × 1"D
Acrylic on Shaped board


As an artist I have always been acutely sensitive to my environment and physical space. My work is a personal response to and exploration of the forms, spaces, light and color that surround me every day. This was true growing up in the industrial north of England, and now in my adopted home of Los Angeles. I am fascinated by the power of color. How it can reach deep into the unconscious to affect emotions, transport us to another time or place, disrupt perceptions and change minds. My work is intended as a portal, a way to tap into the trans formative power of art through color.

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