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Ode to a nightingale B3

Luzhen Qiu


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Ode to a nightingale B3

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Creating dreamscapes is where I find refuge in these landscapes. An appreciation for rocks stemmed from ancient religious attitudes toward nature, which included the veneration of mountains. Rocks were believed to have a concentrated amount of natural energy and symbolized the dwelling places of the Daoist immortals. I make my own rocks by making monotypes which have the resemblance to rocks and landscapes. I juxtapose the rockeries by cutting my drawings and monotypes into pieces and rebuild them and stack them block by block. During the collage process, the landscapes and rockeries are fused together into my dreamscapes.

30"H × 40"W × 4"D
Mixed Media
monotype, collage, acrylic on wood panel


I want to make a dreamscape from my memory. By juxtaposing fragments of memories from my childhood, Chinese traditional fabric textiles, old Chinese legends, the fragments from Chinese vase… I want to tell stories. Stories about childhood’s fantasies, Childhood wonderland. My drawings are visual poems drawing the viewer into an open-ended story through images that ignite the imagination and a sense of delight by a collage of the images that I was familiar with and manipulating the formal elements of drawing: line, color, tone, and design patterns. Color pencils on layers of mylar allow me to work on the sense of depth from the transparency. The way I compose my drawings called “image mapping”, which is a hierarchical way of show the relationships among images of the whole. I started to create a single image with concept; then one by one add more images; in the mean time I also associate with each image by drawing lines, patterns. Image mapping opens a complex visual diagram to guild people viewing my drawing.

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