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Glow of the Rising Sun

Stephanie Sachs


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This painting is in a beautiful grey floater frame. If you wish to have it unframed, take off $400 Islands evoke the fantasy of escape for some, but for me, having lived on Maui for over thirty years, these islands fill me with a deep sense of home. When creating this body of work, I wanted to unabashedly embrace the themes of nature, islands, and water, erasing any prejudice I might have that contemporary art can’t speak of lush dreams. This work aims to offer the viewer a range of emotions inside these fantastical landscapes, from the meditative to the adventurous. Exuberant joy is easy to paint; bright colors remind us of the crescendo moments in our lives, but here, by choosing earth tones, I am speaking to a deeper, more internal joy. Even as the imagery is mysterious and fanciful, these wondrous scenes remain strangely familiar.

12"H × 24"W × 1"D
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


In my paintings, vibrant colors and swirling forms create playful spaces of meditative engagement. The deep spaces of the paintings are inspired by the dense forests, waving waters and distant horizons of the Hawaiian Islands. I allow the paintings to evolve over time, using thin layers to highlight the luminosity unique to oil paints. I intend for my paintings to be complex treats for the eyes and the mind.

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