Flying Solo: Learn From a Freelance, Veteran Illustrator Skilled in Various Media and Design Skills

Insights Into Creative Freelancing

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Creative FUEL is a video series that guides small business owners to learn from vibrant and interesting, creative people located around the country.  In this video, Andrea Bogart, Founder of Embrace Creatives and her special guest help FUEL your growth!  Andrea will;

a.) introduce you to your creative peers
b.) expose you to new small business ideas
c.) teach how to rise above challenges, and more…

In this Creative FUEL interview meet @steveczapiewski, a longtime, freelance digital/vector Artist with an advertising background from Michigan. Flying solo since the early 90’s, he’s a creative adventurer with knowledge of TV, animation, radio, print production, video, presentations, interactive media and more, Steve’s done it all! Learn about his varied experience and the advice he offers to Creatives going through a “lean time”.

What challenges have you faced as a creative freelancer, small business? Comment below.

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          1. Michael Kruso

            I would have to say lack of communication is one constant challenge I’ve faced and still am. Have one currently that I’m waiting for the rest of my payment before I hand over the finished piece.