Excel with Embrace Creatives

- Artist Benefit 1

Embrace Creatives is an additional sales channel for professional artists. EC markets and sells artwork giving our approved artists more room to explore their creativity. And because our mission is empowerment, we also offer business guidance through our blog and webinars. In addition, Founder Andrea Bogart accepts a limited number of private clients every quarter. Email her for information.

Andrea believes ALL artists are worthy but our exclusive showroom only accepts outstanding creatives who can show us their business acumen.

“Why?” you ask. Because every commercial buyer, collector, and interior professional that Andrea knows puts “professionalism” at the top of their “what I look for in an Artist” list.

Andrea looks for high quality artwork but also high quality artists who can rise to her high standards because her buyers demand it and because she doesn’t want to waste her time doing business with people who will make her job harder.



- Artist Benefit 2


Founder Andrea Bogart personally curates in emerging and established artists who showcase quality, cohesive work and are business savvy.

- Artist Benefit 3


Once accepted into our interiors showroom, EC builds your Store so all you have to do is quickly and easily upload your work for faster marketing and sales.

- Artist Benefit 4


We invest in robust SEO and digital marketing strategies, targeted editorial content, social media promotion, and good old fashioned, in-person relationship building.

- Artist Benefit 5


EC takes pride in every sale and will make sure you are prepared for professional and secure packing. Any sales tax is covered by us, always.


Because we cater to spaces and places, we’re always searching for new talent in these areas:

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Fiber
  • Home Goods
  • Murals/Site Specific
  • Sculpture
  • Industrial and Product Design

If you know people who create in any of these mediums and invest in their business growth, send them our website link! 


What we give:

  • The benefit of Founder Andrea Bogart’s relationship with architects, interior architects, interior designers and major trade associations.
  • Respect for you, your art and your business.
  • Marketing of your art online and privately to our client base.
  • The possibility of a referral to private clients through our concierge service.
  • An expertly managed SEO strategy that helps place your art in Google searches.
  • The opportunity to receive commissioned projects.
  • Product tags and strong filtering so your artwork is easier to find.
  • Sales reports to review revenue and items sold.
  • A generous 60% of the final retail price on every sale.
  • For a limited time, any sale discounts given to consumers or the trade come from the Embrace Creatives commission, not yours.
  • EC pays all sales tax so you don’t have to!
  • Thirty (30) product listings with the ability to add detailed images.
  • Periodic, in-person showcases to meet buyers. Location restrictions apply.

What we expect:

  • A newly approved artist begins listing their work no later than 14 days from their storefront creation.
  • Respect for Embrace Creatives and others in our network and digital platform.
  • Your commitment to your potential and continued success here on EmbraceCreatives.com.
  • Professionalism (reliability, communication, honesty and integrity) on the EC website and through any private transactions because your professionalism (or lack thereof) directly affects Embrace Creatives and founder, Andrea Bogart.
  • Keep your account current and your EC Store up-to-date.
    • Sellers who let their account linger, do not upload new product, do not remove items sold outside of EC, do not respond to messages, and do not promote their EC Store, etc.,… will be removed from our platform.
  • Respond to inquiries and emails from Embrace Creatives staff, promptly.
  • Fulfill your sales orders promptly, packing and shipping your art professionally so it arrives safely and on time.
  • Whenever possible, have samples or color chips available for purchase to help industry professionals secure the sale.
  • Make sure that your product prices on EC are on par with the prices on your other sales channels, both on and offline.
    • Example: if you raise/reduce the amount of a piece listed for sale on your own website, you must match price in your EC Shop.
  • Do not offer shipping discounts on your website without offering the same on your Embrace Creatives products.

Once approved as a seller you can easily set up your account, add your work and begin selling.

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