Embrace Creatives’ Wholesale Showroom Experience


Fine Art and Design Wholesale, Gift Show Opportunity

—Artists and Designers from any area of the country are eligible to apply to be included in our wholesale showroom. Only 10 will be selected. (All selected Artists and Designers will have to be Embrace Creatives Members before they’re officially approved)

EC Showroom vendors can sell one of a kind/original work and limited edition (reproductions) as well as small batch production. Some buyers may purchase and take pieces with them while some will place an order for future shipping. The types of businesses who come to this reputable trade show are;

  • museums

  • galleries

  • boutiques

  • multi store retailers, etc…

TEAM EC doesn’t expect you to have trade show experience but you must be committed to success and ready to LEARN wholesale relationship building because you will not only be representing YOUR company, you will be part of ours and we expect professionalism (not perfection).


Wholesale selling can be intimidating and scary when you go it alone that’s why we’re setting up our EC Showroom Experience to support you in a community setting. Accepted artists and designers will partake in a group meeting (in person and virtual) to discuss what’s needed and help you prepare, receive in-depth preparation from Detroit Art & Business Institute’s Wholesale How To workshop, EC Founder, Andrea Bogart will be at the show for guidance during the experience, and we can even put together driving partners so no one is alone… It’ll be a fun weekend of creative professionals growing together!  

Midwest Gift and Lifestyle Show Information/Highlights

January 20-21 and July 21-22
Des Plaines, IL
Approximately 458 stores/928 buyers will attend
Space choices; 5′ x 10′ at $700 or 10′ x 10′ at $925
Complimentary WiFi ($200/day value)
Electricity included ($150/day value)
Track lighting I Booth signage
No pipe or drape needed
Complimentary coffee bar & afternoon snack
Secured and locked showroom
Custom e-blasts to buyers
Pre-market buyer guest list for invitation emails
After market buyer/attendee contact list for follow up
Special hotel rates/2 room Suites available for 4-person split

EC Showroom Highlights
Peer-to-peer and expert support
One pre-event group meeting to plan your booth set up and sales strategy
30% discount on private coaching for targeted planning and goal setting ($46.50 value)
Online “Wholesale How To” Workshop (recommended)
Roommates for hotel room / 2 bedroom suites sleep 4
Carpooling together
A fun adventure!!!

If selected to be part of the Embrace Creatives Showroom we’ll send you the official trade show paperwork. You must commit to both shows, January 21-21 and July 21-22, 2019 but only have to pay for January, now. (To stay in our group showroom and receive community support and expert guidance you must continue your Embrace Creatives’ Membership through the July 2019 show.)

EC Showroom Adventure Application

(after you hit “submit” your application is entered and you will be redirected to the Newsfeed)

EC Wholesale Showroom Application

To be considered as a vendor for the EC Showroom, please fill in the form below.
  • EC Artist Members, make sure you have at least one Portfolios with no less than 5 images of the piece you will be bringing. *they don't have to be the EXACT pieces, but similar enough.
  • Enter the website or link where we can view your artwork/products.
  • Let us know about your production type. This show is open to original work so don't worry if you don't reproduce pieces. (Choose all that apply)
  • We'll be using your EC Gallery to view your work but we'd like to know how you talk about your product and company.
  • If you are unsure, please state that as well.


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