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Andrea Bogart Guest Speaks About Buying Art Online Through the Business of Design Podcast

August 10, 2021

The well-known Business of Design™ platform is for every passionate, talented designer who feels blocked by those same challenges. Their mission is to liberate your talent and skill by showing designers how to run a business that supports, empowers, and lets them love their work again. I was honored when founder, Kimberly Seldon requested I apply as a guest speak for her incredibly popular and important podcast series.

When thinking of the topic, I remembered a discussion I had with a designer on the slow warp of a gliclee her client purchased for his home and how she had NO idea the product would be such poor quality. I thought that a helpful discussion for interior designers could be, “How to find quality artwork online”. Then I enlisted the help of three EC artists in various mediums for their expert advice; Ray Beldner, paper, Debbie Grifka, textiles, and Paul Bertholet, oil painting.  The results are a brilliant podcast that thousands of designers can learn from. 

When bringing original artwork into a project, many designers ask things like, “Can I hang this photograph in a bathroom?” Get the inside scoop on purchasing quality online artwork and where it’s best displayed.

For many design professionals, the task of purchasing artwork for clients or advising them on their own purchases is challenging. Andrea Bogart of Embrace Creatives says she’s a matchmaker who pairs designers with reliable, professional artists—keeping projects on track and on budget.

In this episode interior professionals learn;

  • A clear understanding of what’s considered quality workmanship, so you don’t get stuck with an inferior product
  • Quality begins with highly professional artists, so make sure the online art source has professional documentation
  • With paper/printmaking, ensure stray pieces of backing are cut off neatly and watch for small white patches where the ink has not been evenly applied
  • With fiber/textile artwork, check for even tension throughout the weaving (zoom with the dealer and ask them to hold the item up to various light)
  • With paintings, ask about varnishing and avoid placing in full sun or near heat registers
  • With paintings, avoid wrinkles and puckers ask to see the corners


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