Languages have always fascinated me. Viewers of an earlier project commented repeatedly that the pieces taken together looked like hieroglyphics or a secret language. This idea delighted me and I continue to explore these ideas in my Grifology series. The name, Grifology, is a play on graphology, the study of handwriting and symbols, and my own last name.
This series falls within my broader work of exploring the intersection of drama and serenity through the use of line. I’m fascinated by trying to find out how much I can distill and take away while creating something interesting and peaceful.
Working in black and white further assists in keeping the focus on line. I love color, but removing it lets the viewer interact with my work without the emotion that color conveys.

Grifology #1, 60" x 60", textile, $2500
Grifology #2, 34" x 51", textile, $2000
Grifology #5, 24" x 8", textile on canvas, $195
Grifology #6, 10" x 10", textile on canvas, $95