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Olight | AN OLOID Light Fixture

Negar Kalantar


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Olight | AN OLOID Light Fixture

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Olight is a custom-made product, covered by complex gyroid periodic minimal surface in different orientations. Lit by hidden LED strip lights around its perimeter, the Olight lets different amounts of light pass through it to create a stunning pattern when illuminated. The unique design of the lamp derives from the Oloid. When walking all around the Olight, it looks like a constantly changing sculpture. Depending on the viewing angle, a variety of forms emerge to attract a viewer’s gaze. After plugging out the lamp’s male-to-female wire connector, everyone can roll the Olight down a slightly inclined surface to wobble along a straight path. When set in motion, the lamp’s consistent center of mass generates a meander rolling motion that mesmerizes audiences of all ages.

26"H × 18"W × 18"D
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Step into the world of "Space" at NYFT, where we redefine illumination with our custom light fixtures. Every light fixture is a sculptural piece, reflecting our passion for creative lighting solutions. At NYFT, we take pride in designing and crafting each fixture in the USA, using advanced 3D printing technology. Our assembly process takes place in the Bay Area, ensuring that every custom light fixture we offer meets the highest standards of quality and innovation. Illuminate your space with NYFT's lighting creations, where art meets functionality.

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