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Rolling Hills

Linnea Bast


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Rolling Hills

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This design is small enough to truly fit anywhere, but still large enough to make an impact. This design is organic and calming evoking a rolling hillside in the country where there's a perfectly warm summer breeze. It's supposed to remind you to slow down, sit under the tree, eat an apple and watch the flowers bloom.

15"H × 15"W × 2"D
Wall Hangings
Mixed Media
Lichen on lucite


Linnea Botanicals is a biophilic* design firm born out of founder Beatrice Linnea Bast’s desire to connect people to the natural world by bringing the outside in. Linnea believes that adding more greenery into our lives makes us happier and more connected to the natural world. Let’s grow a greener world together! *Biophilia: is a desire or tendency to commune with nature.

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