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Like galleries, retailers and other online marketplaces, we do quite a bit of work to keep “the lights on” and make it as easy as possible for art to sell on our platform and through our private collectors and commercial buyers.

Founder, Andrea Bogart is committed to Embrace Creatives and hires experts in various areas of business – she reinvests EC commissions to continually market artwork and develop new features, making buying and selling easier.

When you receive your payment after a sale it will include your commission plus any shipping fees paid by the buyer.

COMMISSION: Embrace Creatives will receive a 40% commission on the final sale price. For a limited time, when a promotional discount code or trade discount is offered, the discount will come from Embrace Creatives commission and not the artist.

Any Payment Gateway Charges will be split 50/50% and deducted from your payout. Sales tax is paid by Embrace Creatives.

Example: A new collector purchases your art worth $3,000. At checkout they pay $65 for shipping and a 3% sales tax.

Sale price: $3,000

Your 60% commission : $1,800.00 (60% of 3000)

Shipping reimbursement : $65.00

Less 50% of $3.00 Payment Gateway Charge : $1.50

Your payout will equal $1,863.50 (1800 + 65 – 1.50)

Sales tax : $81 (EC files and pays all sales tax)



There may be times where Embrace Creatives will discount artwork. We offer Trade discounts and if we need art to fit a commercial client’s investment, the retail price may have to be altered. Embrace Creatives does NOT reduce our artist’s retail prices without their approval.  If the artist refuses, then that piece will be removed from the project offering.

For a limited time, if the retail prices is reduced or we offer a trade discount, the reduced amount will be deducted from Embrace Creatives commission and not the artist. We reserve the right to alter this decision at any time and without informing our sellers.

It is also important to note that during your initial application, you agreed to all of our conditions (included in our official statement of terms and conditions).

Embrace Creatives reserves the right to promote and market Original Works of Art and/or Digital Works created by our EC artists through the use of sales and/or discounts.

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