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How to Determine Packaged Dimensions and Weights

Embrace Creatives includes an automatic shipping calculator so buyers can see in their cart how much they are paying for shipping.  And in order for you to be reimburse as closely as possible to the amount of money you lay out for shipping, you must enter the most accurate and realistic packaged dimensions and full weight of the shipment.

We are set up for UPS for non-oversized shipments and FEDEX for oversized shipments. You may ship with whichever courier service you want, but the money that Embrace Creatives receives for shipping from the buyer at checkout (based upon either UPS or FEDEX) is the money that will be reimbursed to you.

CRATED ARTWORKS: As gain more online sales we will add an area for crate fees.  Until we implement this upgrade, if you crate artwork please add,This artwork is shipped in a crate. Extra fees will apply. Please contact for more information” into the artwork description area.

TIP: If you’re using Safari as your browser, switch to either Chrome or Firefox before you work on your account or add/edit artwork. Sometimes Safari does not allow vendors to save edits.



To determine the best packaged dimensions and weight for your listing, we suggest you gather a set of artwork dimensions (sizes you use often) and either call or visit UPS. Give them the artwork dimensions and ask them what type of box they would use to pack it up. Get the dimensions and weight of each box.

Once you have all of that information, use the dimensions in the SHIPPING area of your artwork listing page and ADD the weight of your artwork to the packaged weight. Example: If your painting is 5 lbs and the box is 6 lbs, the total packaged weight will be 11 lbs.

The example below is based off of a single artwork. You’ll find the artwork dimensions & weight and the packaged dimensions and weight.

You may use decimal points. Example = 5.5lbs or 3.25 inches


Screen Shot 2023-04-19 At 3.32.19 Pm - 1


Screen Shot 2023-04-19 At 3.32.27 Pm - 2

For a tube, you will use one number for one dimensions and the same number for the other two dimensions. 

Example: Dimensions: 3″Dia. x 36″L would be 3″ x 3″ x 36″.

Cream Geometric Painting

You may edit these numbers at any time.

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