Igniting an Empowerment Movement for Artists

In June of 2018, Embrace Creatives launched as a unique, professional network easily uniting artists and commercial buyers. Then something amazing happened.

EC Members began asking, “How can I help you?” 

And when they started asking to be a part of our exciting vision, we realized that Artists want more than sales. They crave business skills, peer support and affecting positive change in their community. So using the scale of an online network paired with emotionally connective, in-person events, EC is igniting an empowerment movement for Artists.

Embrace Creatives is developing a grassroots movement to strengthen our handmade, wholesale ecosystem. We are mindfully growing from city-to-city, state-to-state.

Founder, Andrea Bogart knows it’s not enough to open the pathway so she’s setting up Embrace Creatives as an educational platform guiding artists to succeed with the exciting possibilities they’ll make here.

Embrace Your Potential

EC Ambassadors and other members are available to mentor, share their experiences and answer questions like;

  • Which sales opportunities are trustworthy?
  • How do I ship across country?
  • What’s the best small business insurance for me?
  • How do market myself and my art business?
  • What do I need to know about copyright protection?

Embrace Creatives is where emerging and established, creative businesses meet, share ideas and strengthen our global arts community.

Why Embrace Creatives?

  • Get monthly networking, exhibition and special event invitations.
  • Upload Portfolios, Look Books, Line Sheets, etc for commercial buyers.
  • Find new opportunities via calls & grants
  • Promote your business to attract clients and buyers.
  • Oh, and all passions are welcome – even nudes and erotic art

As expressed in our Community Guidelines, Embrace Creatives gives you a safe, dedicated space to present your work, find guidance and showcase your career with others around the globe!

People are noticing us!



Join us to connect with them for mentoring or expert advice.

David Bogart
Provides EC Members with small business insurance protection plus love and support to his wife, Andrea

Thomas Grubba
Commercial and Fine Art Photographer & co-producer of EC Portfolio Reviews

Kiruba Sekaran
Fine artist and SEO & SEM guide

Kelly O’Neill
Sculptor and marketing & advertising master

Steve Czapiewski
Illustrator, Print Production, Creative Director

Karen Zuk
Fine artist who welcomes every EC Member, brilliantly!

Steve Horstman
Metro Detroit municipality support

Heather Meyer
The Artsy Marketer / Branding & Marketing for Artists supporting EC on the west side of Michigan

Art Director, Educator, Fine Artist and our first West Coast Ambassador!

Sue Schneider
Multi-Media sculptor, web designer

Nancy Unger
Sculptor and multi-media artist