Igniting an Empowerment Movement for Artists

Let’s face it… we artists lack easy access to reputable commercial art buyers. Where do we easily find a vast array of interior designers, galleries, sales reps, retailers, architects (and so forth) that accept new artists? EC is on a mission to bridge that gap, increasing your sale opportunities.

And to make sure you SUCCEED with these new connections, we’re packing our site with business education, experts, and peer mentors. Buyers do NOT want to waste time or money with artists that aren’t ready for business. They prefer new talent that also comes prepared with;

  • researched and realistic pricing,
  • strong communication skills,
  • an understanding of business strategies, and other professional qualities.

Unfortunately, some artists struggle with the business side of art. Yeah, we’re super skilled in our studios but after the work is created, how do we sell it? Too many lack expert guides or targeted education that will help us;

  • gain business confidence,
  • price our work so we profit, and
  • market ourselves easily

And research shows that relationship building is one of the most important aspects to growing one’s practice, so merely uploading artwork onto overcrowded, fast-paced websites and amassing “likes” isn’t enough to reach the best clients or your professional goals.

Artists need a safe space to talk openly about their challenges in a community of like-minded people who “get them.” We deserve Embrace Creatives, a dedicated, business network where we can spend the quality time needed to develop healthy and profitable relationships with buyers and other Artists.

Embrace Creatives is a grassroots movement, empowering our handmade ecosystem, mindfully growing from city-to-city, state-to-state.

Andrea Bogart, fine artist, creative business consultant, connector, educator and curator developed our EC community to encourage and nurture business relationships within our arts community. However, she knows all too well that it’s not enough just to open the pathway. If you’re not prepared professionally, the exciting possibilities you make will falter and eventually fail. That’s why Embrace Creatives also provides you with creative business tools and strategic guidance to make the most out of your EC account. 

Embrace Your Potential

We combine a beautiful gallery setting with a forum-type platform so you can showcase your work plus get peer-to-peer answers to questions like;

  • Where can I find other artists facing a problem similar to mine?
  • Which sales opportunities (like art fairs) are trustworthy?
  • How do I ship my abstract art across country?
  • What’s the best way to cold connect a sterling silver necklace?
  • How do I market myself and my art business
  • Where can I find copyright protection information for my online images?
  • What the best small business insurance for me?

LinkedIn is the closest thing we have to a business network but it’s not the best place for creative businesses. Embrace Creatives is where artists and creative businesses of all types meet, expand collective ideas and strengthen our arts community. Headquartered in Metro Detroit, EC thrives on artistic expression and our growth is based on Member feedback. We want to hear from our members.

Why Embrace Creatives?

  • Be found easily by clients, creative collaborators and buyers.
  • Get monthly networking, exhibition and special event invitations.
  • Upload unlimited images, Portfolios, Look Books, Line Sheets and more.
  • Find new opportunities via calls & grants
  • Receive deals and discounts on professional business services like business training courses.
  • Oh, and all passions are welcome – even nudes and erotic art

Gain Control of Your Career

As shown in our Community Guidelines, Embrace Creatives gives you a dedicated space to present your work, find guidance and share your career with other professionals. Connect with artists from across town to across the country!  Oh, and in Embrace Creatives, you matter. Unlike the big guys, we’re a small band of Artists and Buyers that WANT you to succeed and be part of our development so watch for periodic questionnaires and let us know how we’re doing, anytime.

People are noticing us!




David Bogart
Provides EC Members with small business insurance protection
plus love and support to his wife, Andrea

Karen Zuk
Fine artist who welcomes every EC Member, brilliantly!

Kelly O’Neill
Sculptor and marketing & advertising master

Lacy Draper
Fine artist and a UX/UI expert

Leah Cohen
EC Artist & cheerleader on the gallery side plus a generous event hostess

Steve Horstman
Metro Detroit municipality support

Kiruba Sekaran
Fine artist and SEO & SEM guide

Steve Czapiewski
Illustrator, Print Production, Creative Director

Art Director, Educator, Fine Artist and our first West Coast Ambassador!

Sue Schneider
Multi-Media sculptor, web designer

Nancy Unger
Sculptor and multi-media artist