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Welcome to Embrace Creatives

Enhance your living and work space with a diverse array of original art & design products crafted by a community of professional artists.

Andrea standing with her art in a metro Detroit group show.

As an artist and curator, people often tell me they have trouble finding quality, original art. Frustrated, they ask, "Where are all the local artists?"

So I designed us a home…

Welcome to this special place, built around a personal passion: uniting people and professionals searching for fabulous artwork with handmade products and the business-savvy artists who create them. 

I know what you’re missing; a one-stop shop chock-full of high-quality art + design products plus friendly art experts who can guide you to meaningful pieces that will enrich your space. 

At its heart, Embrace Creatives is much more than a design marketplace that brings beauty into the world. Many creative companies struggle to grow and profit so EC provides programming that helps set them on a clear path to a healthier business and higher confidence. 

Artists want to find you, and you want to find them, so let EC save you time, uplift your life, and OM… ease your mind.

Andrea Bogart
Founder/CEO/Chief Curator/Artist
Embrace Creatives, LLC

What Embrace Creatives Stands For

Our mission is to become the premier, online showroom for space and place, offering consumers and interior professionals a quality experience and a diverse range of original art and design crafted by high integrity artists.


Embrace Creatives is igniting an empowerment movement for artists by providing them with potential sales through an online art & design showroom, business education and growth tools, and networking events.

EC believes that merely connecting artists to opportunities isn’t enough.

We must also prepare them to build healthy businesses and relationships that increase their self worth, preserve their artistic integrity, and generate real revenue.

Embrace Creatives seeks to create a diverse, hi-integrity, and structured environment that celebrates both the adventure and playfulness of creativity as well as the professionalism needed to run a successful enterprise.


Be respectful. Before we take action, whether on our platform or out in the world, we check all angles to make sure we’re supporting and empowering our users with those actions. Everything we do affects those that engage with us so no decision is too small.

Be discriminating. Yeah, empowerment is important but we are also a business that has to generate revenue and move forward. EC cannot help everyone, nor should we try.

By setting strict curatorial standards, we’re not enabling artists who may not be “there yet”, and we’re respecting our buyers’ needs; professional vendors who can help their projects run smoothly.

Be helpful. Wherever possible, guide artists to studio and/or business support either inside our EC company or via other organizations. EC believes that all artists are valuable, no matter the stage of their development or success.

Instead of saying “nope” and pushing those that are not accepted away, we will do our best to introduce them to a helpful path and offer art business events each year. It’s up to the artists to walk the path and do the hard work.

Be transparent. EC does not exist without buyers and sellers so we tell our users as much as possible to help them make good decisions.

Giving everyone who joins us the opportunity to help our company make meaningful decisions that may also affect their growth gives them a seat at the table and shows respect.   

Be human.  EC never wants to be “invisible cogs in the background”. Founder, Andrea Bogart speaks personally to artists and buyers and so do our volunteers. We want to grow a community and we can’t do that if our users can’t connect with us, personally.

The EC team will never be too “big” or “important” to listen to our users’ needs and challenges and happily celebrate their successes. We will not take ourselves too seriously while we act professionally and in good faith to help move EC and our users to greater heights.

Be fun! Who the hell wants a boring, corporate art & design showroom? Not us! Business can be intense and tedious at times so EC will bring playfulness into our company, platform and events as often as possible.

Join us as a Collector, Buyer/Trade or Artist!