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Andrea Rosenfeld
Andrea standing with her art in a metro Detroit exhibit.

Finding artwork you love enough to live with can be as tricky as finding the right person to live with.”

I know how frustrating it is to find art you truly connect with and brings you joy.  Most people don’t know exactly what they should be looking for, get frustrated with too many options, and are not confident that what they’re buying is the best choice for their space.  The most common questions I hear are:

  • What other options are there besides paintings? 
  • How can I tell if the artists are reliable and experienced?
  • Who can help me find the best artwork?

Welcome to this special place, built around a personal passion: matching the trade, business owners, and collectors searching for fabulous artwork and design objects with quality, local pieces crafted by passionate and reliable, American artists and designers.

Dive into my diverse and mindfully growing Embrace Creatives showroom which includes original, limited edition, and small batch produced artwork, expertly crafted by wonderful artists and makers who infuse their soul into their work and who rise to my strict business standards.

Too busy to look for art on your own?  Utilize my full service art advising services and allow me to work with you! I will take over the sourcing responsibilities, manage custom artwork projects, and handle delivery and installation. I become your art partner, expertly taking care of your art related projects so your purchases are delivered on time and on budget – and you can breathe easier. 

Seriously, I love what I do!  Collaborating with clients like you, to end the frustration of art buying and empower my artists is why I developed Embrace Creatives.  

Let’s begin an art journey together!

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Andrea Bogart
Founder I Lead Art Advisor
Embrace Creatives, LLC
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Curious about me?

The first thing people tell me after we speak for the first time is that they can “see” my passion for what I do. And I truly do love matching EC artwork with collectors, business owners, and interior professionals’ clients. 

An award winning artist in high school, attending the University of Michigan School of Art & Design served me well but halfway through I became antsy and decided to move to New York to study fashion at FIT.  I never stopped creating and my artwork has been exhibited in Metro Detroit, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania and hangs in private collections. My art jewelry garnered press, including the premier fashion trade publication, Women’s Wear Daily, The Gem Trade Association, National Jeweler, the Retail Jeweler, the Chicago Sun Times, and more.

My professional background includes time with Perry Ellis Portfolio Menswear and then Isaac Mizrahi’s Director of Merchandising and Operations. After thirty years raising my three children on the East Coast, I moved back home to Detroit in 2014 and continued curating and advising while entering the workforce as the Manager of Lawrence Technological University’s Detroit Center for Design and Technology. In 2021, LTU brought me to Southfield as their College of Art and Design’s External Outreach, Social Media, and Events Manager.

When COVID 19 hit I saw galleries and retail facilities failing – I knew I had to kick up the pace and dive in to truly bridge the gap between buyers and artists. I launched my Embrace Creatives full service art advising firm and online showroom in January, 2021.  Sales were instantaneous and things haven’t slowed. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to match artwork with big time buyers like Muguel McKelvey, co founder and former chief culture office of WeWork, global corporations like Siemens, local small business owners, and national collectors. I have BIG plans for Embrace Creatives and am excited to see what the future holds.

What Embrace Creatives Stands For

Embrace Creatives goals to become the FIRST place art lovers and professionals go to find quality, original art and design products for their residential and commercial interior design projects.

Core Values;

EC commits to mindful matchmaking. Everything I do is meant to carefully match collectors and interior professionals with the right art to love.

EC is reliable. Trust stems from being reliable. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that counts, right?  I will respond to you in a timely manner and do my damndest to meet your goals. In fact, reliability means SO much to me that I only accept business-minded artists so together we can exceed your expectations. 

EC has high integrity. You can trust me to do the right thing by you and not put a sale first. Case in point; A collector shared an old but beloved painting and sheepishly asked if she should replace it. I could tell that she would feel guilty taking it down but wasn’t sure it still fit with her decor. Instead of selling this client a new piece, I respected this memorable work of art whose story meant so much and instead, suggested she replace the dark wood frame with something lighter and more modern. 

EC is passionate about art. I’m not a haughty art advisor, selling only one percenter art that exhibits in chichi, highfalutin galleries. I am a champion of artists you may never have heard of but who are 100% worthy of your time and interior space. 

EC is creative and adaptable. I see your art challenges and envision creative solutions. I go beyond the status quo and offer new, matchmaking ideas. Here’s an example; During our walk through of a medical client I noticed that her patients faced upwards when being treated yet her office sported uninspired drop ceilings. Adapting to the space constraints and her style, I suggested imaginative ceiling artwork to keep her clients’ minds entertained while adding a POP of uniqueness to her company.

I am an educator. Not only will I match you with innovative and high quality art and design objects, but I will also connect you with the artwork story. Each EC artist’s store showcases their art statement, bio, professional background, exhibit history, education, and career background so you can get to know the artist who crafts the art you love. 

I am fun! My strength building an experiential and engaging  art presentation using the entire space, floor to ceiling. But don’t misjudge me – I’m highly reliable and organized but I also fuse playfulness and joy with my project as often as possible.