Embrace Creatives is Igniting a Movement

Embrace Your Potential

Let’s face it… too many artists are insular. We work all day, sometimes far away from other creatives then make our studio art, alone.  We don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet new people, get answers to our various studio and business questions, or show our work to commercial art buyers. Embrace Creatives was developed specifically to unite Artists and Buyers, expand our peer network and guide us to profit from our passion.

Artists have important questions that need answering;

  • Where do we find others going through similar challenges?
  • Which sales opportunities (like art fairs) are trustworthy?
  • Who can tell me;
    • “How do I ship my abstract art across country?”
    • “What’s the best way to prime wood for contemporary painting?”
    • “How do I market myself and my unique art?”
  • Where can I easily connect with Commercial Art Buyers like galleries, non-profits, copyright protections attorneys, interior designers and more?
  • Where are budget-friendly, art business coaches, at mentors, workshops and webinars?

LinkedIn is a business network but not the place for Artists. We deserve our OWN artist network so I developed Embrace Creatives to give us a professional space to do business and know we’re not alone. Headquartered in gritty, art-centric Metro Detroit, EC is an engaging network that thrives on artistic expression and unites artists with commercial art buyers, peer support and business opportunities.


Why Embrace Creatives?

  • Be found easily by clients, creative collaborators and buyers.
  • Get monthly networking, exhibition and feedback event invitations.
  • Upload unlimited images, Portfolios, Look Books, Line Sheets and more.
  • Find new opportunities via calls, grants, and classifieds.
  • Receive deals and discounts on professional business services like business training courses.

All passions welcomed! (Yes, even nudes and erotic art)


As shown in our Community Guidelines, Embrace Creatives gives you a dedicated space to present your work, find guidance and share your career with other professionals. Connect with artists from across town to across the country!

People are noticing us! Here’s some press.

Oh, and in Embrace Creatives, you matter.  Unlike the big guys, we’re a small band of Artists and Buyers that WANT you to succeed and be part of our development so watch for periodic questionnaires and let us know how we’re doing, anytime.

Thank you for being a part of my vision.

Andrea Bogart
Embrace Creatives
Detroit Art & Business Institute

Meet Andrea

Embrace Creatives is the brainchild of professional artist and creative business consultant, Andrea Bogart. Empowering hundreds of Artists and industry professionals, Andrea saw over and over again the disconnect between the two and realized she could solve this problem. Jotting down her ideas she reached out to a tech friend and said, “I want to ignite an empowerment movement while uniting artists and buyers.” And with that commitment, Andrea lovingly crafted Embrace Creatives. It’s her wish that Embrace Creatives becomes the go-to place for MILLIONS of artists, so together we can empower, uplift and move our creative industries forward for good. Read more…



David Bogart – Farm Bureau Insurance agent covering commercial and individuals and a successful entrepreneur with a Masters degree in Finance.

Karen Zuk – Professional fine artist, Sales and Marketing coordinator at a Michigan corporation.

Chris Bennet – Owns Image Works, a fine art printing & artwork reproduction facility plus is a professional photographer from the west coast.

Lacy Draper – Abstract artist, exhibited in Detroit. Also a UX/UI designer.

BelA_Aleksandra Ilic Bjelica – Serbian fine artist who’s work has been exhibited in Detroit, Chicago & NY. Master-Engineer of Organizational Sciences and Executive MBA program.

Leah Cohen – Director of Galerie Camille in Detroit and professional, exhibited artist.

Steve Horstman – Economic Development Specialist for Dearborn, MI.

Kiruba Sekaran – Professional fine artist and programmer / SEO expert from India.

Thomas Grubba – Professional photographer from CA, an architectural/interior photography expert. His work has shown in California, Detroit MI, Minneapolis MN and Seoul, South Korea.