“The “starving artist” life sentence has us accept that creativity is undervalued in our society. It suggests that those of us who rely on creative gifts to make a living can expect to be poorly paid, and the rest of us are entitled to short-change them in money terms, and undervalue them in human terms.” The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

Embrace Your Potential

As a creative we live to dream, craft and have adventures but as entrepreneurs we must pepper those visions with realism, strategy, foresight and planning to actually earn a living from our art. Headquartered in Metro Detroit, Embrace Creatives developed an exciting mix of both worlds; an affordable, engaging network/market that will unite you with innovation, peer support and business opportunities to propel your professional practice. We like to think of Embrace Creatives as a “LinkedIn for Artists” but much more beautiful and fun!

Embrace business education, an increased network and the brilliant financial opportunities you need to increase your confidence, audience and sales. My Mission is to propel us out of the “starving artist” mindset. How? By growing Embrace Creatives into the PREMIER network/market that brings together professional artists and commercial art buyers, guides them into strong relationships, prepares them for growth and increases their value.


Introduce your talent to the career opportunities it deserves.

Embrace this “one-stop-shop” to partner with innovators, gain more exposure, grow your possibilities and amplify your revenue.

Why Embrace Creatives?

  • Be found easily by potential wholesale clients, creative collaborators and employers.
  • Build meaningful business relationships to expand your professional network.
  • Upload unlimited images, Portfolios, Look Books, Line Sheets and more.
  • Showcase your community engagement and studio process using Projects.
  • Share professionalism with your CV, bio and artist statement.
  • Find new opportunities via calls, grants, jobs/gigs and creative classifieds.
  • Receive deals and discounts on professional business services.

All passions welcomed! (Yes, even nudes and erotic art)


As shown in our Community Guidelines, Embrace Creatives gives you a dedicated space to present your work and share your special story with professionals. Connect to an abundance of targeted businesses that want to buy what you create from your soul, hire you for their special projects and/or employ you. Oh, and in Embrace Creatives, you matter.  Unlike other professional networking sites, we WANT you to be part of our development so watch for periodic questionnaires and let us know how we’re doing, anytime.

Thank you for being a part of my vision.

Andrea Rosenfeld
Embrace Creatives
Detroit Art & Business Institute

Meet Andrea

Embrace Creatives is the brainchild of professional artist and creative business consultant, Andrea Rosenfeld. Empowering hundreds of Artists and industry professionals for years, Andrea heard over and over again the struggles they had finding one another. Galleries would ask her to roam shows to bring in new talent and her Artist clients had little idea how to find galleries, sales reps and wholesale buyers.

YIKES!!! Seeing the disconnect between the two she said, “I want to solve this problem while educating Artists to be profitable and valued in society.” And with that commitment, Andrea lovingly crafted Embrace Creatives.

It’s Andrea’s wish that Embrace Creatives grows to become the go-to place where artists and businesses unite to empower, uplift and move the creative industries forward for good. Read more…