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Art perfect for Capricorn Season

You can’t tell us our Capricorn-inspired collection isn’t the GOAT ♑ Check out all our Capricorn picks. 

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Capricorn Artwork

Traditional. Honest. Focused.

Meridith-Mcneal-Inside-Outside-Gated-Doors-Clinton-Hill-Brooklyn(1) - Zodiac Art 1
Palm-Repeat56X48-Copy(1) - Zodiac Art 2
The-Old-Gate-Brian-Skol-Oil-On-Panel-12X16-2 - Zodiac Art 3
Pots1-1 - Zodiac Art 4
Image-Scaled - Zodiac Art 5
Spiritscapes-2-2 - Zodiac Art 6
The-Overlook_1200 - Zodiac Art 7
Dptb0004-Photo-By-Tom-Bland(1) - Zodiac Art 8
Asparagus-And-Garbanzo-1920-Pxl - Zodiac Art 9
Deconstruction - Zodiac Art 10
Nancy-Unger_Contentment-1 - Zodiac Art 11
Lingowallwarnptg53X30-2(1) - Zodiac Art 12

“Capricorn is the sign of success. This is why you’ve earned the reputation of being a hardworking, business-savvy money magnet.”

Mecca Woods

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