Your Identity Through Your Social Media Platform

Having a consistent narrative can strengthen your marketability.

Almost everyone belongs to a social media platform, but what is the best way to use these platforms to define who you are?  Embrace Creatives’ Champion, Fernando Del Rosario, continues his Video Blog Series with Episode 6 that will help you answer the question “What is your social media direction?”

As an artist, creative director, and business owner, I have defined what type of message I will post on each of my social media platforms. For example, I use LinkedIn for messages that are more business-driven and I use Twitter for quick copy points and inspirational quotes.

In Episode 6 I talk about the following:

  • Defining the type of message each platform with deliver.
  • Being consistent with your narrative.
  • Being aware of what you are posting and why you post it.

Enjoy, and visit Embrace Creatives again for discovery and learning!

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