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Why You Should Thank People For Their Time

April 14, 2019

Time is finite. It should be valued and not squandered.

I read somewhere that when you meet with a mentor, potential client or partner, you should not thank them for their time. Instead, the article said, you should thank them for sharing their experience or advice.

After a long, long conversation with a potential guide that ended up going nowhere, I thought about various things I could have been doing instead that would have moved my business forward.

Although it was nice to chat and learn about this person, we both lost an hour and a half of our valuable time. Time that could have been spent working on a project, walking the dog, making brownies or reading a book.

And that’s the point; One’s time IS valuable and we SHOULD thank someone for spending their 15 minutes, 1/2 hour, hour or more with us especially if we were the one to initiate the conversation.

Think about it. The time you have on earth (in this life) is finite. What you give away you don’t get back so make the most of the time you spend.

  • Make sure that the meeting you’ve scheduled, the project you’re undertaking and the chat you’re having has a REALLY good chance of being valuable to you.
  • Do your research beforehand and share what you’re looking for. That way if it’s not a good fit, neither of you will waste your time.
  • If, for some reason the time you spent doesn’t work out the way you expect find at least one thing about the meeting you can be grateful for.

While you should certainly thank people for their advice and expertise it’s also completely acceptable to also thank them for their time.

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Andrea Bogart
Founder, Embrace Creatives

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