What is the “Type of Artist” and “Type of Business” [I Want to Connect With] area in my Embrace Creatives profile?

We added this area to let other EC Members know who you’re looking to connect with. 


  • You need a graphic designer to create a logo.
  • You’re looking for a photographer to take you bio image
  • Knowing a fashion design can support your new line of earrings
  • You’re looking to connect with galleries
  • Securing insurance is important so show insurance agent members you’re looking for them

When another use finds your profile they can see if you’d like to connect with someone like them and they can easily add you as a connection then message you when you approve their connection request.

And when you are perusing Members you can see who’s looking for YOU!

How to add and edit;

  • Log in
  • Click on your avatar located in the upper right corner of our website
  • Scroll down to —> Profile —> Edit
  • Click on Edit
  • Scroll down your profile form until you see:
    • Type of Artists I want to connect with
    • Type of Businesses I want to connect with
  • Select one in each area (or leave blank)
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes