What are “Medium/Industry” use for on Embrace Creatives?

Medium/Industry are the categories we use to organize our Members. We know there are hundreds of different categories your work could fall into but for the sake of clarity we’ve chosen the highest level. 

Our updated website will have sub categories to better identify your area of expertise and type of art you product.

EC Artist medium choices are;

  • body/beauty
  • culinary
  • design
  • digital/graphics/multi-media
  • fashion/accessory/jewelry
  • fiber/textiles
  • fine art/fine craft
  • gift/pet/toys
  • illustration/calligraphy
  • performance
  • photography/videography
  • printmaking/paper
  • public art/installation
  • sculpture
  • sound
  • words

EC Business industry choices are;

  • architecture
  • business support
  • culinary
  • events
  • fashion
  • financial/accounting
  • fine art/fine craft
  • gallery/exhibitions
  • graphics/branding/marketing/pr
  • insurance
  • interior design
  • legal
  • licensing/publication
  • manufacturing
  • motion/sound
  • representation/curation
  • retail sales/e-commerce
  • studio/live-work facility

Why choose a medium/industry?

Choosing a medium/industry makes you more searchable both here on EC and via search engines. 

Because we know that many Artists are skilled in more than one medium, currently all EC Artist users have up to three (3) Medium/Industry choices.

When buyers visit your profile they can easily see what type of creative you are first, second and third, plus your proficiency level. 

This benefit will be edited when we re-launch the website with a professional member level.

How to edit your medium/industry

  • Log in
  • Click on your avatar (located at the upper right of our website)
  • Scroll down to Profile —> Edit
  • Scroll down the page until you find
    • “Industry Listing” for Business Members
    • “Medium/Industry” for Artist Members
  • Look through the drop down for the best choice
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Changes” button.
  • You will be taken to the top of the page where you can click, “View” and you will see your choice listed.