Uplift your home office with affordable, original art

2020 was the “work from home year” that’s likely not ending anytime soon. Unfortunately, working from home can be isolating and emotionally draining. So, while we may have been tempted to prioritize other rooms in years past, the office just moved further up the decorating line. Creating a soothing, uplifting workspace isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. Of course, you may begin with a desk, a chair, storage and a rug. But what about those blank walls? How big a deal are those?

As a professional artist, Reiki I practitioner and art advisor, I know first-hand how a connective piece of art can positively affect a person but don’t just take my word for it.


Art boosts work productivity.

Research by Dr Craig Knight at Identity Realisation (IDR) found that people in a workplace that included art and plants were 15% more productive. And by art, Knight doesn’t mean so-called “motivational posters,” which say things like “there is no I in team” because these don’t work at all.

Better energy, a sense of well-being and a little distraction looking at something beautiful go a long way to creating a happier work day. So, don’t settle for a bland, blah blank wall in front of your nose.


Yes, you can afford original, local art.

“Affordable” means something different to each person but it doesn’t mean “cheap”.  There are plenty of quality art pieces you can afford so let’s match your home office with local artwork without tugging too hard on your purse strings. I’m ready to introduce you to our creative crushes at Embrace Creatives and share how you can use art to turn your home into a productive and inspiring working environment.

Art doesn’t just offer a sense of community; it engenders feelings of victory… Some say that it even fills a spiritual void.


Think trees trees, bees, and seas.

Studies show that being in nature calms and reduces stress, though not all of us can set up our desk in a forest or on a lake. So, bring the outside in! How about a landscape that focuses on grassy areas or green foliage? Or if you’re a water person, what about a seascape or another flowing body of water? Gather some florals bursting with positive energy. Or botanicals showcasing berries and intriguing plants! Here’s a few of our favs…

- Home Office 2
TOPTREE13 I 7″H X 5″W I photography on canvas by Elizabeth Wittman

I loved the way the colors were glowing in the sunlight, almost as if it was the last meal before falling to the ground. Winter was closing in and for some reason these leaves were hanging on. In the end, the only way to transform is to let go. ~Elizabeth

- Home Office 3
RELAXING DAY I 42″H X 24″W X 18″D I Collage drawing on aluminum by Leah Cohen

This contemporary triptych transports you to a lazy, sun drenched afternoon at your favorite lake or ocean spot. Sit quietly and imagine the water lapping at the shore.

- Home Office 4
BLUE MOON I 20″H X 20″W I monotype printed with Akua ink by Tricia Soderberg

The real genius of bamboo lies in its pliability and resilience, its ability to flex and bend without breaking. More than a mere model of brute force, the one who knows when to give in and how to sway in the breeze is the one who will truly weather the storm and survive. ~Tricia

- Home Office 5
SEPARATE STATES I 24″H X 20″W I ChromaLuxe aluminum print by Gwendolyn Roth

This image is soothing, with geometric qualities and lovely hues of blue that add to its calming gentleness. ~Gwendolyn

Let our experts guide you to the right art to love.

Keep things (ahhh!) simple. soothing. zen-like.

Artwork with a minimal amount of visual complexity is more soothing to the soul. It balances the daily cray-cray and provides rest for Zoomed-out eyeballs. Here are a few pieces that are easy on the gaze and on the mind.

- Home Office 6
LOTKA BLACK x 2 I 37.25″H X 20″W I woven paper construction by Jerome Patryjak

Gazing at the stars is an awe inspiring experience and this special handwoven piece allows one to sit back and study the calming forces at play. ~Andrea

- Home Office 7
BLUE BELL I 37″H X 22″W X 22″D I recycled steel sculpture by Fusion of Iron and Earth

The slender, sloping curve dotted with cascading half moons lulls me into a calmer frame of mind. ~Andrea

- Home Office 8
DUSK I 15″H X 20″W I acrylic on canvas by Liz Frankland

The glow of the moon reflecting on the snow lit up the sky almost like daylight. It had a such a peaceful feel. I even found the snow piles on the garbage can lids beautiful in their mundane glory. ~Liz

Make color your mood happy smile enhancer.

The colors you surround yourself with affect your mood. Visualize red. Feel excited? What about brown? What do you feel? The guide below quickly explains the psychology of color. In order to create a productive and balanced workspace, you may want to lean towards soothing choices like blue and green or happy colors such as pink and yellow.

Honor the way a piece of art makes you feel at first glance. The whole point of buying artwork to enhance productivity is to create a sense of calm.

- Home Office 9

Here are a few interesting pieces in calming colors by local artists curated by our experts. Start with one piece that really speaks to you and build your office art collection from there. You’re worth it.

- Home Office 10
DAHLIA I 36″H X 36″W I mixed media collage and acrylic by Shadia Derbyshire

This beautiful piece features a Dahlia I photographed from my garden. Initially I was inspired by the vibrant fuchsia hue of the flower, but when it came time to paint it, a softer palette spoke to me. ~Shadia

- Home Office 11
CONVERGENCE I 56″H X 18″W X .5″D I Handwoven linen by Cathy Jacobs

Like a quiet ride in the countryside, Cathy’s finely handwoven linen panel takes us on a lovely afternoon across earth, sky and fields of red and pink flowers and berries. ~Andrea

- Home Office 12
UNEXPECTED GARDEN I 36″H X 36″W I acrylic on wood panel by Steve Miller

Unexpected Garden plays with a prevalent yet overlooked landscape by manipulating color and form. ~Steve



Meet with Founder, Andrea Bogart to chat about what type of art would look best in your space!

This article was written by Andrea Bogart, professional artist, art consultant and the founder of Embrace Creatives, matching you with original art to love.


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