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Learn Which Art Styles Are the Most Popular

August 24, 2021

An artwork’s art style serves as a window into the artist’s creative process, allowing you to better comprehend their vision, subject, and sentiments. But what about YOUR art style? How do you find out which style you match best with?

There are hundreds of art styles so we’ll showcase the most popular. That way you won’t be overwhelmed and it will be less frustrating to find the right artwork for your interiors.

Let’s begin with abstract  –



Abstract art is a VERY popular style in which an artist uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to represent an element from the actual world separated from its true form. The artist depict objects and uses colors to express feelings.

Abstract art is a non-objective, non-representational style that simplifies real life in order to highlight the artists’ perception of reality.

This popular art style displays well in minimalist and tonal settings.

Abstract Art Style Water

Croatia Water Abstract 814

20″H X 30″W X 0.1″D
Photography printed on archival paper

Black And White Abstract Art


Oil on canvas
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Black And White Abstract Art


23″H X 21″W X 2″D
Acrylic and synthetic paper on panel

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On the flip side of nature is urban and architecture. The term “urban art” refers to works that originate in urban surroundings and are sometimes created by artists who live in these urban spaces or cities and want to portray city life and their experiences.

This art style focuses on urban lifestyles and spaces, and the artists use many types of materials and production styles to pay tribute to the urban environment.

Abstract Art Style Water

Power Lines Blue 2

36″H X 36″W X 1″D
Photography digitally manipulated and printed on metal

Black And White Abstract Art

Palace Speaks at Night II

34″H X 23″W X 0.5″D
Cotton, yarns, burlap, screen printed, appliqued, handstitched and quilted

Black And White Abstract Art

Unreal Reality: A day in the village – Greenwich Village, NYC

24″H X 24″W X 0.2″D
Dye-sublimation floating metal print

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Black And White Abstract Art

Inside Outside Filaments (Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn)

75″H X 55″W X 0.5″D
Watercolor on Fabriano paper


Since ancient times, figurative art has been the purpose of art-making. It is the art of realistic or impressionistic portrayal. Historically, figurative artists were inspired by real-world objects and frequently included human figures. It is seen as a contrast to abstract art, which lacks recognized elements and is also known as non-representational art.

Place figurative art in locations around your home that you’d like people to pay attention to because humans are hardwired to see faces. Even babies take note of faces and eye gaze and pay special notice to those faces that are familiar.

Abstract Art Style Water

Night Walk

15″H X 15″W X 0.25″D
Photography, Archival Pigment Print

Black And White Abstract Art

Untitled (Saudade)

32″H X 24″W X 0.25″D
Oil and charcoal on unprimed canvas

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Black And White Abstract Art

A Touch of Red

15″H × 12″W × 1.5″D
Oil on canvas

Black And White Abstract Art

Just a couple, huh. Ain’t I special enough?,

47″H × 037″W × 0.5″D
Digital image printed on coated fabric, thread

Black And White Abstract Art

Honeymoon by featured artist, Liz Frankland


30″H X 36″W X 4″D
Oil on canvas

I’ve covered three of the most popular art styles and I’ll cover more in future articles but head on over to Embrace Creatives online Gallery to filter through the many types of artwork available and begin choosing your most favorite!