The Importance Of Moving Forward When You Are Feeling Doubtful (Part 2).

Before you begin this article, see The Importance of Moving Forward When You Are Feeling Doubtful.

One of the main physical hurdles artists often run into is figuring out how they can connect with people outside of themselves. How do you connect with art galleries? How do you connect with clients?  The fear of not knowing how to make these connections comes from thinking that you don’t have the right resources. As an Embrace Creatives’ Champion, I am continuing my Video Blog Series with Episode 8 that will help you answer the question “How do you deal with physical hurdles?”

Every time I have a new idea, I start talking to the people in my immediate circle. This includes my friends and family and then I start to connect to other resources that can help move my idea to the next step.

In Episode 8 I talk about the following:

  • Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts/ideas.
  • Be resourceful.
  • Reconnect with your connections.

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No. 267 – Embrace.

Wood and plaster sculpture by EC artist, Robert Mirek