Promoting yourself using Embrace Creatives

There are many ways you can promote yourself and your creative business, both inside and outside our website.

Ways to promote yourself outside of EC;

  • Log in
  • Go to your Gallery
  • Click on a Portfolio or Project
    • Click on the URL in your browser
      • Example:
    • Copy the text
    • Paste the URL text in any social media newsfeed like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter
  • Your link and cover photo will appear after you “paste” and click “post” or “submit”.

Ways to promote yourself inside EC;

  • Log in
  • Scroll down to the Footer
  • Click on Advertise
    • Choose the type of promotion that best suits your needs
  • Add to your cart and pay.
  • TEAM EC will reach out for more information.

Our updated website will offer many more ways for our Members to promote themselves.