Mix With a Maker Pop-Up & First Launch Birthday Party!

June, 2018 Embrace Creatives went LIVE so this June, 2019, we celebrated our first, launch birthday at our Mix With a Maker hosted by Atelier Art Studios in Royal Oak Michigan.

We had an AMAZING turnout with, of course, spectacular artwork all around… And you NEVER KNOW who’s going to show up at a Mix event… this time it was Meritor, a humungous automotive company looking for artists to showcase themselves to 900 people at their company event in July! Honored they asked EC Artist Members to participate.

Andrea gave a speech sharing her appreciate for us all, especially her Ambassadors and laid out the 2020 projects she’s planning to continue to strengthen our handmade ecosystem and ignite an empowerment movement for artists.

Look for the next Mix with a Maker and if you want to have an EC Mix in YOUR city to meet new artists, pop up artwork and make a bit of $$$, contact TEAM EC.

Andrea getting ready to share her <3 and talk about Embrace Creatives!
Andrea made the gluten-free chocolate brownie cake. Not because anyone is gluten-free, just for the hell of it. Of course she included an apple pie, forgot the ice cream in the freezer and the champagne at home.
Atelier Art Studio from the outside.
Some of the AMAZING artwork on display!
Representatives from the HUGE automotive company, Meritor popped in to tell us about their exciting art call. You never KNOW when a buyer will show up to a Mix!
Who can resist this cool, broken but not broken sculpture?
and that's not ALL of us!!! There were more in the back and on the sides of the room!
Andrea Bogart brought half of her diptych.
Hanna speaking about Atelier Art Studios.
Blowing out the birthday candles!
Andrea talking about Embrace Creatives and why it's special and different than any other art business website around!
One of our first, wood pieces at MIX!